Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's Tuesday... Where are you? (10)

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An Adventure in Reading
I am walking into unexceptional building with Camille and Trillian, Svartan Camille finds gorgeous and irresistible.  The building has a feel of magic radiating off of it.  Trillian has kindly asked us to not talk until he says it is okay.  The dwarf at the front desk didn't even bat an eye at us walking in.  Trillian has lead us down a long hall and we are now standing infront of a door in which he is doing a secret knock and put his hand on a scensor of some sort to open the door.  I am curious as to what we are walking into.  I know we are looking for disguises to go back and capture the murder, rapest, and torturer - Roche.

Third story: Etched in Silver
By Yasmine Galenorn


  1. Sounds interesting! Wonder what they are doing.

  2. Veddy veddy interesting.... Definitely another world, there...

    Laura Hartness
    The Calico Critic

  3. You're in an intriguing place today! Happy reading!

  4. Zia - It does sound wild. I am anxious to get back to it!

    Laura - It is a different world here in this story. Kind of like ours but different with many creatures.

    Alisonwonderland - Welcome! Thank you for visiting. I am very curious about the place. Happy Reading!

  5. Ooh Inked.... you read such interesting books! I live through you on these titles! :)

  6. I would have to agree with Shelia. You DO read some interesting books. This little snippet is captivating, I'd say. !

  7. Wow! This sounds very interesting! Great description.

  8. Lol Sheila - Glad you enjoy the titles. I always like to read unique books and ones that others haven't really read yet.

    Michelle (Red headed step child) - *Smiling* glad you enjoy the books. I try for interesting, keeps me going. lol. I try to relay what is going on and to sound good.

    Jackie - Thanks! I hope I am able to relay where I am and kind of what is going on for you all to get a quick picture. Hope you enjoy it.


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