Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Favorite Fictional Character (19)

Favorite Fictional Character

A weekly meme thanks to the creative mind of Ryan of Wordsmithonia.

I was trying to remember shows I use to watch when I was younger.  Well, I was also looking at newly released books and while looking at the book Unknown, by Rachel Caine, and was looking at the bike on the cover and this guy popped into my head.  There was just something with long hair, motorcycle, leather, and muscles I just loved about this guy.  gggrrrr.  Sorry about that.  Reno Raines of The Renegades.

The show ran from 1992 through 1997.  Reno was a cop who was framed for murder.  Reno goes on the run.  A professional Bounty Hunter, Bobby Sixkiller, is sent to find Reno.  But, instead of this bounty hunter finding Reno and bringing him in - Reno saves his life. 

Bobby and Reno become fast friends and gain each others trust.  It ends up Reno on the road working for Bobby as a bounty hunter.  Reno is tracking people down on his beautiful motorcycle, while all the long looking for the one person who could clear his own name with the law.

Reno was such a great good, bad guy turned bad, good.  LOL.  I don't know if that made any sense.  He always had the bad guy look and feel, but deep down he was the good guy looking to help anyone he could.  Reno came across some women that wanted to love him, but with all that went down when he was framed for murder his love was killed.  Reno tried to seperate himself from bringing someone innocent into the mess he was still in, not knowing if someone else would get hurt or worse... killed.

Here is the video of the opening to the show.


  1. That looks like Loranzo Lamas, but it can't be can it? Maybe in the '80s. Now we know your type!

  2. Oh yea.... I remember that show **sigh, dreamy**

  3. I've never seen this show before but if it features this guy then I think I'll have to check it out.
    Unfortunately I haven't had time lately to do my FFC post, even though it's my favorite meme. I'll try to get it done today.

  4. Great choice, the few episdoes I watched were good but I always liked Antonio Sabato Jr. more than Lorenzo Lamas.

  5. I never watched this much, but Lorenzo Lamas sure was a hotty! =O)

  6. It may be that your sole purpose in life is simply to serve as a warning to others.............................................

  7. What a hotty!! I remember the show as well :)

  8. Deb - You are exactly right! But in the '90s. LOL. Yeah, you know my husband had long hair (and still does), a bike (although sold it shortly after) when I met him. He has a thin frame, but fits the part well. LOL.

    Cecile - I will only *think* on sharing. LOL.

    Simcha - I think there are a few episodes out there on YouTube or some where. I look forward to your FFC when ever you get it up, as I am always behind in reading all my posts. So, you could do it tomorrow and I probably wouldn't notice. lol.

  9. Ryan - Antonio Sabato Jr. is a great one too!

    Michelle - LOL. I only watched it for a few seasons but I did enjoy the show.

    Jen - Glad you stopped by! Glad you remember the show. It was a good one for the time.

  10. Never heard of the show... I don't think they showed it in Spain.

  11. Spav - It may not have ever been showed in Spain. I am glad I could introduce you to a new character. That is part of the fun of this meme, along with walking down memory lane. lol. Hope you enjoyed.


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