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Audio Book Review: North Queen by Nicola Tyche

North Queen (Crowns, #1)North Queen by Nicola Tyche
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I listened to this book on Kobo. Right at the beginning I picked up the words were poetic in describing her waking and forest and the moment. The narrator, Katherine's, voice is perfect with the peace of the moment. Beautiful flow of speaking with the words.

The book did a good job of showing not all characters are down right evil or good. That people have both sides to them as all these characters where one way with certain people and another with others. And sometimes to extremes, which made me think which is the proper version at times.

Grandmother. I liked her. She's respected but not cruel. She knows the hearts involved yet the duty needed. A tough line to walk.

Mikael...he's so eager to change things for her. She thinks she can change things. But, I got to thinking not all things need to change.

I'm not 100% sold on the romance happening with Norah and Mikael. I know. It's political arrangement. But something more starts to happen. And Mikael is willing to give up so much along with doing things differently. (Some of the killing, I can agree with.) Then. I remind myself of what the seers have foretold. And realize. Mikael's a man who doesn't want to die. So what do the seers see now?

Then there's Norah. She returns with memory loss. She never gets to be a Queen as she seemed to want, in decision making and input. (I know, she didn't want to be queen.) And she's not fully in action as Salara either. But she is when she walks in on things happening. She makes a decision that Mikael agrees to, each time. I'm hoping she'll be more in the coming books. She has potential.

This book mentions the well being of Mercia. However, I didn't feel like we got any information on how things are going there or what was sent or care that the anyone was taking steps to help with. The union of the two kingdoms felt like it wasn't anything more than a marriage. I felt like there was some in depth things that could have made Norah more of a Queen that was missed here. She's just a figure head to me in this book. No one seems to want to give her any duties or share anything happening. She's just a pretty face.

I felt that Norah is always reacting to things here. When the story ends, I feel like she's ready to take action. I'm hoping she does and I'm curious to listen to the next book.

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