Monday, June 17, 2024

Audio Book Review: Ring of Ruin by Keri Arthur

Ring of Ruin (Relic Hunters, #3)Ring of Ruin by Keri Arthur
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oooooh. Masterpiece. I love how this book finishes the original arc of the Claws and connects what's to come to other pieces of this storyline. Nicely done. It feels seamless.

This book is looking for the third relic of the Claws and protecting the one that Bethany has. I love how it all ties together. Who the person is behind it all. How they know where Bethany, Lugh, Cynwrig, and others are. There's a reason for what they do. And what they plan to do... Oh I love this little twist! Brilliant.

If I was Bethany, just the thought of seeing one of those horrid creatures again would stop me. I know, there's a world at stake and the bad group wouldn't stop and will make her see them.... I guess she's getting great experience fighting them and dealing with them.

We get to see Bethany has a little more to her love life too. I'm curious to see her balance that along with finding the answers to other questions as well. I can't wait to continue listening to this series!

Keri is always amazing at creating the woman and supporting characters. Love the strength and respect for them.

The narrator is a wonderful voice for these stories too. Clear audio and speaking is wonderful.

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