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Audio Book Review: The Mystery of Emerald Flame by Pip Ballantine

The Mystery of Emerald Flame (Verity Fitzroy and the Ministry Seven, #2)The Mystery of Emerald Flame by Pip Ballantine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Adventure with Steampunk, perfect!

Our Ministry Seven divide to deal with two different things. Verity and a few of the younger members head out on airship with her new friend from the academy to find out about the Emerald Flame. Henry and the rest of the Seven stay home, and look into the Illuminati and if they know their address.

Things are getting complicated. And the things both see... wow.
Henry looks to go undercover in the Illuminati to get the information they need. What he sees is... frightening. To see someone have that power. To do that with automatons and people... It can be allowed to keep happening.

Verity goes on a trip and the things she learns about the Sound that she can do and the Emerald Flame are amazing. Seeing Verity in action using the Sound to affect automatons is amazing. To see the ancient dig site and imagine the underground city. It sounds amazing.

I love that the steampunk stories by Pip and Tee are always full of the equipment. The world is truly what it says it is. This along with the adventurous story is what keeps me coming back to them.

Pip is the narrator of the story as well. I love her voice and accent. She does well with the voices of the kids of London along with the adults.

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