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Book Review: Ambush by Krista D. Ball

Ambush (Tranquility Book 6)Ambush by Krista D. Ball
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This was a full ending to the series bringing the characters through the battles they must fight, mentally and physically.

I loved this book. We see how Bethany has grown over time with the help of her friends and loves. She's still Bethany and if there's a fight, you'll find her at the center of it even if by accident. I love Bethany for being herself. I love the friends who surround her because they love her for who she is, through and through.

There's battles to still be fought. Bethany and Arrago and the crew are there to see those through. They also need to learn about their abilities that are surfacing. Can they keep it all quiet from people? What are the people going to think if they find out.... fear, aw, worship... They don't want any of it.

Things escalate to an all time high with the battle coming in the North along with Jud coming with the Elf knights. All putting pressure on Bethany, Arrago, Kiner, Javon, and even Erem. The pressure also ignites their abilities in ways they don't want. And someone's life, or many lives, will end due to it all.

This book was a great conclusion to the adventures of Bethany. I really enjoyed how it ended. Sad to see it end, but worth reading. If you love Bethany for her snark and fighting, you'll love this too.

Thank you for taking me on this journey.

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