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Book Review: Red Blooded

Red Blooded

By:  Amanda Carlson

Publish Date:  September 2, 2014

Publisher:  Orbit Books

Format:  eARC

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Series:  4th of Jessica McClain series; 0.5 Novella ~ Blooded, 1st Book ~ Full Blooded, 2nd Book ~ Hot Blooded, 3rd Book ~ Cold Blooded

Recommendation:  And on we go, learning so much more of Jessica's world. And Jessica grows more in her powers and knowledge.

After Jessica's brother is kidnapped and taken to the Underworld, she will stop at nothing to get him back. But before her grueling training is finished, Jessica's power mixes unexpectedly with the circle and she's dropped into the Underworld without protection or her escorts.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
Jessica is preparing with Tally for her trip to the Underworld to save her brother, Tyler. While trying to learn to harness and eject demon magic from in the protective circle the witches have, Jessica inadvertently activates the doorway to the Underworld. Jessica finds herself in the hollows of the Underworld, all alone. The Demon essence becomes a part of her and she has to learn how to use it. And stay alive in the Underworld that's looking for her. Jessica finds a few unlikely allies while here. Jessica and her wolf are on their toes with where they are, but is it enough to keep her and her brother alive?

Holy Underworld! The plane Amanda has created here is outstanding! There is always something different and new to this land of the Underworld. It's what you expect and soooo much more! The creatures here, the setting and how they live. Wow. I am amazed at Amanda with creating something new in each book. The world is growing to a huge, endless circle here. There are creatures we've seen before and new ones we've not heard of. Boy, do we get a front view of the Underworld.

We meet new characters, and those we have known for some time. Those that we are friend with are here. I will say that half of the book is Jessica alone, then the last half is with our friends. But with Jessica being alone we meet new associates who could make a difference in the world.

If you've read the series thus far, you are probably asking about Selene. Yes, Selene is here. She did go to the Underworld in that book as we saw. And what you see here will baffle you. You will be shocked with what happens. I know I was, and my feelings even...dare I say...softened? You will understand as you read.

I love that Jessica and her wolf are so strong. That Jessica can be a character of her own and stand on her own. Her strength and ability to adapt and learn where ever she is, is amazing and what the story is all about. You learn more of her purpose in the world, the Lycan is here for a reason.

This story has romantic elements, but it's Jessica's story. She has been and continues to be determined and independent. She loves Rourke, but he doesn't define who she is. She will do anything for him and tries to compromise but she is strong willed as well. This is what I love with Jessica, she doesn't rate herself based on the man she's with. She stands on her own two feet (or four if needed). Though, she loves having him with her through everything and thinks of him when not.

Once again, Amanda leaves us at the end knowing there is another phase to Jessica's ongoing adventures. I can't wait to learn more! And at the ending, I wanted to flip more pages to learn about 'her'!

If you are a Jessica fan, you will love this book. On to the adventures Jessica will lead us barreling into.


  1. This was probably my least fave of the series, but I do agree about those characters. That is what will bring me back to the next installment.

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed that much. I had some issues with it I confess but it was nice and I can't wait for more.


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