Wednesday, September 17, 2014

AudioBook Review: Marcus and the Red Granny

Marco and the Red Granny

By:  Mur Lafferty

Publish Date:  November 4, 2010

Format:  PodioBook

Genre:  Fantasy/Science Fiction

Series:  Stand-alone novella

Recommendation:  Go ahead. Read this one! It's fun to see art and words associated with clothing and other senses. And there is more to the story than you realize. You'll see in the end.

By bringing back the patronage system, a new alien species has transformed the moon into the new artistic center of the universe, and Sally Ride Lunar Base soon gains the nickname “Mollywood.” These aliens can do amazing things with art and the senses, allowing a painting, for example, to stimulate other senses than simply sight. When someone asks a starlet, “Who are you wearing?” she could as easily say “J.K. Rowling” as she could “Gucci.”

Every creative person in the world wishes for a patronage. It’s quite competitive.

Marco wanted one, once. But then his girlfriend got one and shuttled off to Mollywood for fame and fortune, and Marco stayed home, waiting for his own patron. After several years, he gave up entirely. His career faltered. His agent dumped him. And then, one morning, he gets a call. At last he has a patron, at last the aliens want him. But he’s about to find out that an artistic patronage isn’t what it was in the good old days, and that the only friend he’s made, a tiny old woman who’s the star of a blood sports reality series called The Most Dangerous Game, has secrets of her own.

Narrated by Devo Spice. Theme song by Beatnik Turtle.

First Sentence:
"Who are you wearing?"

The scream to the posing starlet draped in deep red silk, even on the tinny cellvid, cut through Marco's hangover like an angry rhino slipping on oil.

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*I listened to this story for my enjoyment.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Marco was dropped by his literary agent yesterday, the reason he's hungover. Now taking a call from her telling him he's got an appointment with the Li-Jun today on the moon. They want to be his patrons for his work. An amazing deal and a way to get his books out to everyone. But does Marco really want it? The aliens assume he does. On his trip to the moon, Marco meets the influential and friendly The Red Granny. She's a little old woman named Heather, who has gained patronage for the Blue House Marco is called too for being the best at The Most Dangerous Game real tv series.

With being a novella there is lots of building quick. The first chapter hits you with lots of the world and about Marco. Both are intertwined as the world with aliens strongly affects, and influences, Marco and his writing profession.

The Li-Jun is an alien race that combine different senses to bring a new line of clothing and accessories to the human race. One the human race is loving. And a great way to get books out to those who haven't ever read them. A book can be worn along with smell blended with it to bring the feelings and share the story with you.

The Li-Jun assume that Marco will take their patronage as no one turns them down. But they don't share much of the procedure or what they want with him. This is where the Red Granny, Heather, comes in. She helps share some information before it happens as Marco has not read up on what happens in this meetings. Heather is an interesting catalyst here. We see where she came from and her benefit from her patronage. In the end, the pieces slip together and you will realize why Marco had to go through what he did.

I listened to this one on my ipod. I'm not sold on the reading voice for this one. He talked a bit fast for me and I felt there were sentences read as if they were extras and didn't need to be there. But, I loved the aspect of the story and think it would be an amazing read!

This is a novella story with an interesting little twist to it. A whole new aspect and I love this idea! Wearing or eating a story. Who would have thought!?!


Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Hm... not sure I would like the narrator here either. I don't like that it feels like he added to it. Still, might be interesting to read!

Blodeuedd said...

I was so good at audio last year, this year..not so much

Melliane said...

you know that I'm difficult with sci-fi and well audibooks took to look for me to finish them. But it's a really fun cover and novellas could be a nice try.

Kristi The Book Faery said...

I have a hard time with fast narrators! I need to process what they're saying so if they go a bit fast then I usually give up!
The Novella sounds great though!
Hope you're doing well!