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Thoughts On: The Horde (Ch 1-6)

The Horde

By:  Patrick Scaffido

Genre:  Urban Fantasy Horror

Format:  Podcast, Ep 1 ~ 49:28 mins

Chapters:  1, 2, and 3

Book Synopsis:

The Horde, a mysterious force that brings nightmares to life, devours everything in its path.

Bridan, a lone traveler, seeks the key to the Horde's destruction at the expense of all else- bystanders, worlds, and broken lives be damned.

Cyrack, the Horde's inhuman master, follows Bridan across the Worldcycle seeking Bridan's heart- literally.

Terry is caught between them, dreaming their battles across the blasted wastes of Farrakan from the safety of his dull nine to five life and the arms of his loving girlfriend.

None of this is true.

Terry glimpsed the hideous intelligence hiding behind the struggle and it has driven him mad.

Something watches, hungers, and manipulates events keeping the Horde moving ever closer to the center of creation, leaving only empty husks in its wake.

Planet by planet, town by town, life by life, friend by friend, Bridan makes his way forward.

And as the Horde follows without rest, Terry knows that their next destination is Earth.

The Horde is a genre bending novel incorporating elements of Science Fiction, Epics, Dark Urban Fantasy, Horror, and Surrealism performed in the style of acoustic deathfolk and released weekly as short albums. You've never heard anything quite like it.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Terry is drawn to a world that reminds him of a Renaissance fair. A world where Bridan travels the road, and Terry sees his travels. Bridan is warned that he's not left it behind, it's coming. The next dream shows a storm of a different kind is coming and Birdan will take advantage of its stopping to destroy the village, so Bridan can move on to finish his mission.

This first episode has raised loads of questions for me, in the first 15 minutes. The dream realm Terry is drawn into in his sleep is a fantasy feel but there is something not right. There is troubles here. And Birdan is a man with a past I'm curious to find out about.

We meet Terry and Tanya (in the "real" world) then Bridan, Oren, and another creature affiliated with Bridan's past. There is mention of Cyrack and the Horde that's on it's way.

Patrick is very talented at telling of doings, things, and emotions with more than simply saying so. He tells by using other words giving a descriptive detail and strong feelings.

We really get into the fantasy realm of Terry's dream world. But I get the feeling there is more going on with Terry. Maybe someone manipulating him? But for what and how? The voice makes me wonder these things.


Format:  Podcast, Ep 2 ~ 44:32 mins

Chapters:  4, 5, and 6

My Thoughts and Summary:
Terry is drawn to the dream realm of Faircon. He rather be there than here in the real work, and he doesn't know why as he loves Tanya. Tanya... how Terry finds her at home is sad. Something has come to this world as well. Some history of Terry's long lost being has been awakened.

We learned a bit more of The Devourer, the devouring Horde, from Oren and Bridan. Even a tad more of Bridan as well. There was a prophesy mentioned by Oren... "Nothing can stop the devouring Horde." Yet there was mention of two people that come together in their travels, and it sounds like a description of Oren and Bridan. We learn of Bridan's connection to the woman that attacked them, and that the Horde is after him, for a reason.

Terry has a new form when in Faircon. He flies above, watching Bridan, as a dragon. Terry comes to speak to the Grim Reaper, but not in good circumstances. And what Grim Reaper has to tell Terry will be more than he understands, at this time.

It feels like things are moving fast so far. I'm not sure of time that's passed, but I don't think Terry is either - with the dreaming and the draw to that world. I'm curious as to what the Grim Reaper spoke of with Terry's awakening and the ancestory. And what happened to Tanya! Terry is looking for the secret and magic that could help him with Tanya.

I wonder if Terry and Bridan are the same soul, or connected in some way. There is a dark tool used by the Horde seem like zombies.

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