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Thoughts On: The Horde (Ch 7- 12)

The Horde

By:  Patrick Scaffido

Genre:  Urban Fantasy Horror

Format:  Podcast, Ep 3 ~ 46:30 mins

Chapters:  7, 8, and 9

Book Synopsis:

The Horde, a mysterious force that brings nightmares to life, devours everything in its path.

Bridan, a lone traveler, seeks the key to the Horde's destruction at the expense of all else- bystanders, worlds, and broken lives be damned.

Cyrack, the Horde's inhuman master, follows Bridan across the Worldcycle seeking Bridan's heart- literally.

Terry is caught between them, dreaming their battles across the blasted wastes of Farrakan from the safety of his dull nine to five life and the arms of his loving girlfriend.

None of this is true.

Terry glimpsed the hideous intelligence hiding behind the struggle and it has driven him mad.

Something watches, hungers, and manipulates events keeping the Horde moving ever closer to the center of creation, leaving only empty husks in its wake.

Planet by planet, town by town, life by life, friend by friend, Bridan makes his way forward.

And as the Horde follows without rest, Terry knows that their next destination is Earth.

The Horde is a genre bending novel incorporating elements of Science Fiction, Epics, Dark Urban Fantasy, Horror, and Surrealism performed in the style of acoustic deathfolk and released weekly as short albums. You've never heard anything quite like it.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Bridan is dreaming. Terry struggles with the real world and his loss. Terry's mother takes him for help and he learns, from God, that he is to help Bridan survive Farrakan and Earth. He's their only hope...

Terry notes a few inconsistancies and questions I did previously. Things I wonder how or why those in Farrakan would know about. I'm curious to find the answers.

We come across two new characters; a Beastman and a girl. The girl we learn is strong of power and is the Beastman's daughter. The girl can see Terry, in his dragon form.

We get a time frame in real life here. It's been three weeks since the huge trama event in Terry's life. The event that seems to have driven him over the edge and to the point of looking for something to change the past. In this we also see a God come to Terry and talk to him. He created a whole world for Terry and even mentions stopping the horde. It's important that Bridan survives. Bridan is their last hope.


Format:  Podcast, Ep 4 ~ 44:24 mins

Chapters:  10, 11, and 12

My Thoughts and Summary:
As a dragon Terry tries to interact in the world (after talking to the one and only girl that can see him) to distract the Hunter and save Bridan and Oren. The Horde, the Devourer, has caught up with Bridan and Oren. Beastman shows up to help them. When told which direction is town, Bridan says they don't belong among the town people.

There is some great symbolism here in this episode. And in hindsight I'm seeing there was some previously too. This episode is how people can change and the unknown affects of a darkening in them. The Horde is easier to become a part of and it 'eats' people up from the inside out.

Terry starts to realize he's angry with everyone and everything for what's happening to him and for being in the position he is in. But he seems to pass that as he believes he is working for a better good, and to bring back his love. Then Terry learns something he didn't know of his Farrakan form, the dragon. I was curious about this for a while now. Things are starting to fall into place and become a bit clearer. I've been thinking about this god that talks to Terry, and who I think he is...but that's something to come. I know it. And soon.

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