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Author's Favorite Scene's Urban Fantasy, Amanda Carlson

I wanted to include authors of books I've loved.  And what better way of including them then having quotes from the books?  A great way to introduce you to the books and share a bit from them.

I'm thrilled to have Amanda Carlson here to share a few of her favorite scenes as well.  Oh, her Urban Fantasy reads have taken off at a sprint and just picking up speed!  I love the action, characters, and love we find here.  Jessica is my kind of girl, and the legend that surrounds her....oh, she is something amazing!

Please welcome Amanda Carlson talking of Full Blooded and Hot Blooded:
Thanks for having me by the blog for your anniversary celebration! I'm so honored my books are included in your top reads. Four years is nothing to sneeze at, it's a big milestone. You are such a wonderful blogger, it's a treat to be a part of this!

When I think about my favorite scenes in all my books, they are usually humorous. I love to laugh. As much FULL BLOODED. When I think about him describing what happened to him in the apartment, it always cracks up. He's such a great character to write. He comes bubbling out of my mind, sometimes quicker than I can keep up with! Any scene with him always makes me smile. I hope it does for my readers as well.
as I love to kick some ass, I love to giggle until my stomach aches. One of my most favorite scenes, and one of the most fun to write, was Danny at the end of

Some of my favorite scenes in HOT BLOODED are between Jessica and Naomi. I had no idea when I started the story they would form such a tight bond. It was wonderful to see them grow together, two females figuring out their independence together. But, again, my favorite scene is one that always makes me laugh. I love Ray. I love that he pisses people off. I love that he's in your face, so naturally, I loved it when he threw a rock at Selene--and a squirrel conversation ensues. It makes me chuckle every time. I've gotten fan mail about that scene, so I know it resonated with fans as well. I hope I can keep people laughing with my books. Balanced humor is always a treat for me in any novel I read.

Thanks again for having me by the blog. Keep up the great work and here's to another four years!


Now, I'm going to insert a few paragraphs to share with you these amazing scenes that Amanda mentions.

Full Blooded, at the end with Danny:
"Well, it's a very simple story actually," Danny started.  "I was minding my own business, convalescing as ordered by your father.  My wounds were quite severe, as I'm sure you were informed -- not to worry, though, all shipshape now -- when I heard someone sneaking into your apartment as bold as day.  He wasn't technically breaking in, you see, since he had his own key, but nevertheless he woke me out of a perfectly lovely sleep.  I'd been dreaming about the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, who are, for the record, a naughty lot of--"

"Danny," I said sharply.  "Please stay on topic."

Hot Blooded, the awesome scene with Ray throwing a rock at Selene:
There was a scuffle and then a thunk from the other side of the room.  "Did you just hit me?" Selene's rage tumbled around the cavern, making the room quake.  "With a rock?  What do you think I am? A fucking squirrel?"

"Lady, you're no squirrel, but you certainly have some anger issues.  I heard you bellyaching from on top of the damn mountain," Ray stated evenly.

Curious about Amanda's books?
Here is the reading order:
**Blooded: A Jessica McClain Novella, Full Blooded, and Hot Blooded are all available for purchase.  Cold Blooded is pre-order & will release October 8, 2013.  You do not have to read the novella before starting the first book, but is one of the best I've ever read.

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