Thursday, August 1, 2013

Author's Favorite Quotes Paranormal Romance, Kate SeRine

I wanted to include authors of books I've loved.  And what better way of including them then having quotes from the books?  A great way to introduce you to the books and share a bit from them.

Oh my goodness!  If you've not read these books, I don't know what you are waiting for.  This author and series is on auto-buy.  Must be auto-buy!  Really!  And these quotes. *sigh* Goodness do I love these, do I need to gosh any more?

Kate SeRine with favorite lines from Red and The Better to See You:

Red (Transplanted Tales #1):

I’d always imagined that I’d come up with something clever and pithy when it came to my last words, but as I stood there staring at those horrifying green eyes, I settled for a little startled profanity.

How embarrassing.


I was hardly a fan of being berated like a child even on a good day, so seeing as how the last few days had pretty much buried the needle on the suckometer, my ability to quietly take my lumps was rapidly evaporating.


As I watched [Nate] in stunned silence, he moved with a kind of mesmerizingly sinewy grace, his lean muscles bulging and rippling in a carefully choreographed dance. Adding to the breathtaking beauty of his movements were the black flames I’d noticed on his neck and scalp. I was surprised to find they didn’t end there but, in fact, started there, fanning out across his shoulders to engulf his biceps, then dancing down his back in intricate designs, licking his skin with fiery sensuality.

The Better to See You (Transplanted Tales #2):

“I’ll f***ing kill you for this, Lavender!” he screamed, his voice cracking. “You’re going down, you half-assed fairy!”

“Bring it on, half-pint,” I called back, emphasizing my lack of concern with a syrupy sweet smile and a one-finger salute.


He was dressed only in jeans that sat low on his hips, giving me a good look at his lean physique. His beautifully sculpted bare chest rose and fell in a slow, even rhythm. He was on his guard all right, but he was in perfect control of every muscle, his body a potent weapon he could unleash the moment he perceived a threat.


And I knew he’d be coming for me. My knight in shining armor. My slayer of monsters. My Big Bad Wolf.


  1. Great quotes Kate! Makes me want to read the books again :) Happy Release Day Kate and Happy Blog Birthday Melissa!

    1. Thank you Julie! I do hope you get to try Kate's books. I so really enjoyed them. :) And thank you!!


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