Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Author's Favorite Quotes Steam/Clockworks and Science Fiction Fantasy, Joseph Lewis

I wanted to include authors of books I've loved.  And what better way of including them then having quotes from the books?  A great way to introduce you to the books and share a bit from them.

This was a pleasure for me to read this year.  One thing that caught me was that there was a blend of Steam/Clockworks and Fantasy to the world.  Also, the main characters are a married couple, and they are a health married.  Yes, they have disputes, but their marriage isn't at it's end.  I found this rather refreshing.

Joseph Lewis caught my attention for this whole story and so much more in The Kaiser Affair:

“I can decide for myself whom I deserve to be with, thank you very much,” Bettina said. “Not that I have an intellectual equal, but if I did, I sincerely doubt she and I would be able to tolerate each other for more than five minutes’ time.”


“I’m smarter than you are, Peter, by far, so there’s no need for you to make any more noise on this subject. Arjuna is stronger than you, and more charming as well, and much better looking, besides. He’s the finest marksman with any weapon and has studied with sages on two continents. He’s also a talented artist, speaks four languages fluently, has a photographic memory, and performs like a raging stallion in the bedroom. I can’t imagine that a snide cretin in a cheap blue suit with the body of a prepubescent orangutan could really entice me to leave him,” she said.


“Dashing across the station to tackle the fleeing criminal to the ground, and batter him with my fists? No, I did that last time. It’s my husband’s turn,” Bettina said.


She turned to him with a stern look. “No, Arry. Oster will be driving, so Oster will have to hurry. You, darling, will be in the carriage with me, and you will take your time, or I’ll make you start all over again.” She smiled wickedly at him, and strode off across the lawn toward the inn and the driveway where their car awaited.


“Oh yes, yes.” Bettina nodded. “We chatted up the locals and strolled through the countryside and shot at people. It was a lovely evening."

Author Bio:
Hi, I’m Joe (also known as Joseph Robert Lewis, Joss Llewelyn, and Jordan Lockhart). I write books. Lots of books. Mostly fantasy and science fiction.

More specifically, I like to blend history, mythology, and fantasy together to create exciting yet familiar worlds. I like to challenge tropes and stereotypes in subtle ways, to create rounder and richer heroes for my readers, and to imagine times and places that we might really want to live in or work toward. And I think a good story should be, you know, fun. Although it never hurts to learn something cool, too.

It’s also important to me to write about heroines that my daughters can respect and admire, characters who blaze their own paths with fierce personalities, bright minds, and unbreakable spirits, who live lives filled with freedom, wonder, and joy.

I enjoy archery when the weather is nice. And I have no idea what is for dinner because I am anosmic. Look it up.

Find Joseph:
Facebook: Joseph Robert Lewis
Twitter:  @joseph_lewis


  1. Ha! Great quotes... especially the second one.

  2. Adding this one to my list, I love steampunk and the quotes are fantastic!


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