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Thoughts On: The Dreamer's Thread Ep 15, 16, & 17

The Dreamer's Thread

By:  Starla Huchton

Genre:  Fantasy

Format:  Ep 15 ~  36:56 mins

Chapters:  27 & 28

Book Synopsis:
Everyone Dreams.  But what would you do if you suddenly found out that you were one of the few who creates dreams for the whole world?  Would you use your power to harness the light and weave it into beautiful tapestries of magic and wonder, or would you fall prey to the seductive siren song of darkness and nightmares?  For artist Aura Mayville, this becomes a reality as she is ripped from her life.

This Episode:
The nemesis appears in the flesh and Aura takes the group to one last destination...the hard way.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Mory calls!  Again.  Aura takes his call this time and shares news of who the enemy in the palace is, and some shocking news as well.  We get a visit from one who we'd heard from.  And off to a new destination, the last destination.

Oh, what the King has in store...Upsetting.  Seems maybe magic planning involved?  We learn more names from the troubles of others; Korrine and Xorix.  We also get to meet, face-to-face Aura's nemesis in the dream realm.

Aura finishes her work at the little town and takes the crew to their final destination in a rather rough way.  Aura bends the rules of the dream realm to make it happen quicker.  We come across forgotten dreams.


Format:  Podcast, Ep 16 ~  28:44 mins

Chapters:  29 & 30

This Episode:
Aura comes face to face with the guardian of the Red Tower and must save her friends...

My Thoughts and Summary:
There could be a deadly guardian here at the Red Tower.  Aura saves them again, and surprised at what she sees as the "guardian."  Then Aura comes to another task of being tested, for herself and friends and what she seeks here.

We learn of the legends of the Red Tower, were we now visit.  More stories in the world of dreams.  I'm surprised twice at what we find here.   Aura, once again, proves she is a kind soul.


Format:  Podcast, Ep 17 ~  40:41 mins

Chapters:  31 & 32

This Episode:
The history of the Red Tower is revealed and its fate decided...

My Thoughts and Summary:
The unknown history of the Red Tower is shown.  Aura is asked to grant a hard request.

We see the way the current desert was and has come to be through a way of time travel.  The place has changed drastically over the years.  We do have a hard request made to Aura, from one that seems so kind and good.  Sad yet calming, what Aura is asked to do.  The gorgeous history of the desert is renewed to the area as we leave, with our found treasure.

Aaah!  The connection to the enemy spy at the castle.  We see the connections to the people and how and why.  Back to the castle we head!  However, we meet others in their travels as well.  An old woman asks to trade with Aura, giving for her eyesight the invitation meant for her granddaughter to help Aura and friends get into the castle.  The king has said they should not enter, magic influenced again.  Aura takes on another in her care, a promise to help Maudra find work at the castle.

I feel we get many little stories in this big one.  Aura has come across many little things in her bigger journey, opening the Dreamers Realm to us, and having us fall for it.

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  1. yay some new nice ones! One day I'll really have to try.

    1. Melliane, this has been a great relaxing listen for me. :) Hope you do get to give it a try. :)

  2. You always make me want to try podcasts with these reviews. I will someday!

    1. lol, Melissa (B&T) wonderful. :D Glad to hear it. :) Thank you!

  3. Congrats on winning camp NANO! I just saw it
    These podcasts seem really fun


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