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The Gearheart: Last Days of the October Squadron

Agent Bridget Forscythe
Last Days of the October Squadron

By:  Alex White

Format:  Podcast; 27:14 minutes

Genre:  Fantasy

Recommendation:  Go listen to these!  This one is only 3 episodes.  The story of action and love in an amazing magical world.

Episode:  1 of 3

Agent Bridget "Lucky" Forscythe and her squadron have a deadly encounter in the arctic dig site known as "Point Seven."

My Thoughts and Summary:
Bridget Forscythe is in an important moment she shared with her commander, and lover, Gerald.  Then we are drawn to a moment where things turn deadly on a mission at an arctic dig.  The opposing team's leader claims to be here to help.  But his team, The Unknowns, are not known for that action.  Gerald guesses they are here to stop them in this icy land, before Gerald's team seals off the antechamber.

How did Gerald know?  What is he not sharing with the others?  Why does he not want the Seeker's leaders to dissemble and take what's in the antechamber?

Alex is at it again.  Playing in the dangerous lives of the Seekers.  Do you remember my thoughts on the episodes of The Gearheart?  I fell in love with the creation of the system of Seekers.  Their magic, the glyph's, and the action.  Danger.  And relationships of friends, trust, and much more.  Everything I love in one place.  Alex, in his element and at his best again.

Each Seeker has a different ability.  We see the magic of a few and the use of a glyph to intensify magic and time.

A relationship in this kind of job... Wow.  I feel their love, understand the feelings, emotions, and reasons for what they did/do and why.

I find listening to Alex and company tell the story easy to follow and one that I can feel and easily see in my mind what is happening.  Last Days of the October Squadron is all that again.

I look forward to the episodes to come, hearing what is here in this place.  Yea!!  I'm so glad Alex is at work again.


Episode:  2 of 3

Format:  Podcast, 24:14 minutes

Synopsis:  Bridget awakens to learn what lurks inside the ruins of Point Seven.

My Thoughts and Summary:
Bridget wakes to a great loss.  What would she do?  Where to go?  Is there even anyway to escape from here?  Bridget ventures deeper in the tunnel...

Bridget learns of a weakness of the Unknowns, the crew after her.  When she moves on, she can't figure out why she's not getting further, until a body-less voice asks if she is read.  The voice knows names Bridget knows well and loves.  She barters with the voice, to escape a death.

The voice talking to Bridget talks in riddles and of things it should not know.  Interesting to hear the interactions and makes me curious as to how and why.  The strong magic in the walls around Bridget is felt deeply to her.  Her breath is stolen with what she finds.

Bridget sees Gemma DeLuca's heart, and links to times that can be visited.  Alex details the chamber we are in and brings it to life for us.  When the realization of what is happening around her, and of herself, hits Bridget, it hits me hard as well.  Alex has a way of pulling me in to his stories with his word annunciation  pauses, crescendo and fall of his voice, along with the light music in the background.  To quicken the heart, and I don't even know it at the time.


Episode:  3 of 3 (conclusion)

Format:  Podcast, 31:21 minutes

Synopsis:  Bridget faces a terrible choice when Special Agent Callendar finally tracks her down.  Catch the thrilling conclusion!

My Thoughts and Summary:
Bridget learns more of Gemma and of the Conservatory, and the gifts she's left for Gemma.  She sees her past and is drawn to it.  Things, reality, set in for Bridget.  But has Bridget taken to long to realize what she is to do?

I feel for Bridget as she remembers, no that would be relives, strong memories.  The breath escaped me with how Bridget can "escape" and the explanation to the repeats.

Then back into action we go!  Alex never goes long without the fighting.  We start and end with it.

We learn the secret of the conservatory and why here in this place.  Along with how things have repeated.  Oh!  The link to The Gearheart: Artifice.  Yea, if you listened to it, you'll catch it at the end.

Do you have to listen to The Gearheart: Artifice to listen to this short story?  No, you don't.  But, if you do you'll understand the world a tad more.  Alex explains it all briefly here, but why not listen to the masterpiece The Gearheart: Artifice and this one?  In which ever order you'd like.

Listen to Last Days of the October Squadron on for free.
Easy links to the episodes:

Curious about The Gearheart: Artifice?  You can find the stories for free on or on iTunes and Podiobooks.

Stop by to checkout the images of Alex White's Characters.  Truth be told, those images where what caught my eye first, drawing me to stories and a wold I love.

*I listened to this podcast story for my own enjoyment.


  1. Oh these do sound interesting. I'm going to have to check them out. Like that there are only 3 so I don't have to play too much catch up!

    1. Melissa (B&T) I'm so in love with this magical world. I hope you get to give it a try one day. :)

  2. I have to give a podcast a try sometime. I know I'd have to pay attention, but maybe it just takes time to get used to them

    1. Rivie Bleu, I hope you get a chance to. I find Podcasts easier to pay attention to than audio books. :) Thank you!


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