Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Walk the Fire Kickstarter

There is a new Kickstarter that has caught my eye.  It's featuring authors I've come to enjoy over the last year or so.  I asked John Mierau on twitter some questions about it and I'm thrilled to share a bit with you about the first anthology and the new one he is Kickstarting right now.

The new Kickstarter is for WALK THE FIRE.

"A shared world SF anthology series where other cities, planets, galaxies are only steps away...for those who dare Walk The Fire."

The Anthology will feature stories by:
   two-time Campbell nominee Mur Lafferty
   Hugo nominee Paul Levinson
   Philippa Ballantine  (Learn more of Pip in this interview of 10 Q's by John Mierau)
   Harry Connolly (Learn more about Harry Connolly in this interview on 10 Q's by John Mierau)
   JRD Skinner
   Steve Umstead
   Matt Iden
   WJ Davies
   and more!
   The introduction will be by Scott Sigler, art by Scott Pond, and original song and music by songwriter John Anealio.

I'm a huge fan of Philippa Ballantine.  I've also read an short read from Mur Lafferty in another anthology, and enjoyed it.  Mur is on my list to get more works by.

Want to try a snippet first?  John has made that possible!  Here are tweets from John with links to download the two stories:

I asked John Mierau some questions on Twitter of the new Kickstarter book and the first WALK THE FIRE anthology.  Here is how the tweets went. (I think I copied the tweets. Might have missed one, but you get the idea from these here.)

  1. . This Walk the Fire is the 2nd edition? Is the first in print or is it the podcast on your site?

  2. Why thanks for asking ! The first WALK THE FIRE exists in ebook (2 stories free now) & free audio podcast at .
  3. . I think you mention this in the Kickstarter, why keep the same name? WALK THE FIRE. Same feel to the stories?
  4. Walk The Fire is going to be the revised name for the anthology series. When stories are in I'll pick a fitting book-specific name.
  5. . What kind of stories can we expect in WALK THE FIRE antho? Aliens? Fantasy? Science Fiction? Outer Space? All and more?

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  1. Jackpot!Amazing blend for all loves WALK THE FIRE stories will start in Middle Ages &range to far future!
  2. . I see u have some amazing authors in WALK THE FIRE. Im a huge fan of Ballantine. I read a short by >>
  3. . >>and plan on reading more by Mur. Wonderful cast!
  4. thanks I always ask the people I really want... sometimes when you ask, wonderful things happen!
  5. . I'm thrilled with the cast. There are names people haven't heard of that are just as talented & I hope their audiences grow.

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**Sorry, copying from Twitter the coloring and formats off.

Now, are you curious about the first one?  I know I became curious after learning about the second one.  There are links in the tweets about it but more directly:
   The 1st Walk The Fire is available:
     Free Listening in Episodes
     Amazon for Reading
     Epub format for Reading

The 2nd Walk The Fire anthology has not been release yet.  That's where you come we come in.  Walk The Fire is right now running a Kickstarter.  It looks like there are 21 days remaining to join (as of May 1st).  Bringing the kickstarter to a close May 21, 2013.

I know I'd love to see this go all the way.  If you are interested, even $5 will help.  (which will get you listed as a supporter and an ecopy of the 1st Walk The Fire anthology.)

Go ahead.  Check out the Kickstarter and maybe join the troops walking the fire...


  1. Thanks for sharing the trailers, this sounds interesting!

    1. Kimba, glad you like the sound of it. I'm hoping it gets funded so we can read the stories these authors have in store for us. :) Thank you!

  2. How interesting! I'm loving these kickstarter projects.

    1. Melissa B&T, I've just started getting into kickstarters, but I'm enjoying them as well! :) Thank you!


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