Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cover Reveal! Tranquility's Grief

New cover to share with you today!

You know I read and enjoyed the first book of this series, Tranquility's Blaze (you can find our more about it by clicking).  I enjoyed what Krista created with the elves and Bethany.  Oh Bethany, so special.  And then there is Arrago...

Well, now we have the next book!

As the bodies of her father and her sister burned, Bethany refused to say goodbye.  She would say it only when she saw the release of their spirits and the burning of every person connected to their deaths.

Only then would they rest in peace.
Thousands are dead.  lady Champion Bethany's tainted sister is slain.  Her home lost forever.  And Magic yet survives.  Bethany thought she'd given everything in the fight against Magic.  She was wrong.  When the deaths of those closest to her shake her already crumbled world, she doesn't wilt and die.  She still has one thing left to gain even now: revenge.

Prophecy or no, half-goddess or not, Bethany vows to bring order back to the world with the edge of her blade.  No matter who she must defy.  No matter what stands in her way.  No matter who must die.

For what they've done to her, all will pay.

Yeah, I can't wait for this one.  I even read the Prologue over at Krista D. Ball's site.  Yep!  This is top of the list. :D It should be out soon.  Eep!

You curious about Tranquility's Blaze?  Want to get a copy of your own?


  1. Nice cover choice, seems to fit well with the first...and the story sounds action packed indeed! Thanks for sharing!

    1. GMR, It is a great theme in these covers. :) Thank you for stopping!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Cherry, Tranquility's Grief will be out December 18th. :D Thank you for stopping.


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