Sunday, December 9, 2012

Zara Sends her Christmas Wishes...

I'm getting ready to do my holiday cards this weekend and thought of my friend Zara.  Do you all remember my VBF (vampire best friend) Zara Lain?  I'm sure you do.  I talk about her from time to time.  But if not, she's the voice of the first book in Demon of Oblivion series ~ Bloodlines.  Then she is ever present in the next two books, Hunter and Lineage, although not the main pov.  She comes back to front stage for Exhumed.

Anyway, she talks about her holiday card she sends in her short story, exclusive here at the blog for free reading, Home.

Well, if you are curious about these books please take a moment to read my reviews of the books and novellas: (I still think this is a kick arse series!)

Zara even has a short story right here on the blog that is FREE for you to read!

Yes, FREE!  It is Holiday oriented as well.  So take the time to go read:

As you will understand Zara's greeting card for Christmas a little better.

Now, the post card/greeting card Zara has used is a little...revealing.  But it's the statement she is trying to make.  She did it in the name of VETA: Vampires for the Ethreal Treatment of Animals.  All vampires have to have some organization they support.  Right?

Are you curious about the books?  Want to read more?
You can find them at:

Or At Mundania Press with the short stories present in the back of the eBook.


  1. I've been meaning to make a Nate one subtitled "My girlfriend made me do this." :-D

  2. Hmmm, I've a friend who also like Vampires and the likes. I think this idea for christmas wishes would be great for her this Christmas. thanks for sharing!

  3. Been browsing for some new and interesting Christmas wishes to send this year and I think this card with Vampire theme is pretty a good option. Thanks for sharing!


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