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Author Interview with Collin Earl

As many of you know I've read the first two volumes of Collin Earl's story, The House of Grey.  I was pleasantly surprised with the first volume and dove right into the second.  If it wasn't for time being so hard on me, I'd be done with this serialized story already!  Today I have Collin Earl here for an interview.

If you are curious about my thoughts on the first to volumes:

Please extend a warm welcome to Collin...

M:  Hi Collin! Welcome to the blog. It’s a pleasure to have you here today. 

I’ve read the first two volumes of your current series; The House of Grey. Wow. I was taken in with all the elements present in the first one. I even made the comment, “This story gives me a magical feel of the big world like Harry Potter with an Arthurian flare.” I have to say I was taken with this one. 

Now, can we start with you giving a brief description of this serial? 

CE:  Wow that’s a loaded question – The House of Grey is a modern Fantasy thriller that follows the life of Monson Grey as he take ups his position as the “Horum Vir” (or Hero) of Coren University, the most prestigious private high school in the world. Monson’s life in this rich kid school is unique as not only does he take up the Horum Vir position, but he does so after suffering aminesa and having scars all over his body from a tragic incident just months before where over 300 people died and Monson was the sole survivor.

Shortly after arrival at school, strange things start happening…

M:  The term serial sounds so different from series, why did you use it? What’s the difference? 

CE:  I think the best description is found in the “Message from the Author” section found in the first volume – Before you start this adventure with me, I want to give you a word of caution. This is NOT a traditional novel—not even close. The House of Grey has always been a labor of love for me as an author. I wrote it mainly because I wanted something that I thought I would enjoy—a story that spread across genres and spoke to many different readers and tastes. I wanted a story that had action, comedy, romance, and thrills, spearheaded by a dynamic, diverse, and lovable cast. I got just that in The House of Grey, which was released as a serialized audio book through iTunes and from 2008 to 2010.

Because the characters and plot were so dynamic, it ended up blossoming into a 300,000-word beast of a tale. It was a great story, as confirmed by the hundreds of thousands of downloads and hundreds of reviews from fans, yet the problem was its sheer size. From a publishing standpoint, there was no way to split The House of Grey into manageable story lines without losing some of the stuff that makes it great. Basically, the book was too big and dang near impossible to change without completely changing the story. Thus, my dilemma: what do I do with this book that touched so many people with its characters and story, and turn it into something that I can feed into the mainstream YA novel format?

That's when it hit me—I should put the story out on my terms. So, I now introduce you to The House of Grey Volumized Series. Since the story got its start as a serialized audio production, I decided to apply that model to The House of Grey print version. I know that if you are willing to break from the norm, this story will rock your socks off.

M:  Is this story finished with the latest volume you are celebrating the release of today? 

CE:  Yes! Yes I am!. The 6th volume of the House of Grey should be out today!

M:  Awesome! Everyone can start and finish it now. :)

M:  I saw on your site this series has everything you wanted in a story. What all elements did you want? 

CE:  I wanted all of them because I think different “theme genres” help to make a rounded story. Romance, thriller, comedy, action should be in a story because I think people have those elements in their lives-- things are funny, people fall in love, and things can become exciting. I like those things to be in a story because I think they are natural.

M:  I have to say I like the blend here so far.  And we'll have to chat on that subject one day...maybe another visit here to the blog?

M:  I’ll admit, I’m only two volumes in, but you’ve built up the mystery of Monson and the school along with other characters. You enjoy keeping the reader flipping pages, don’t you? Lol. 

CE:  I try! I intend to take over the world. Lofty goal I understand, but I think I can handle it.

M:  Haha, Well Collin, I think you might be on a start.  I'll have to stay on your good side. LOL! ;D

M:  In some YA reads we have kids being shipped off to finishing or private schools, and the kids don’t always like it. Was that an influence in creating Coren University as an Elite school for brilliant kids, and that they want to be here? 

CE:  Yeah, I think so. The school makes the happenings and events in Coren convenient for the story line and the future happenings. I tend to think that teenagers would like to be away from home.

M:  I really got the feel that these kids wanted to be here in what I've read so far.  I like that about this school.

M:  Okay, fun question time. These are ones I ask on all first interviews. 

One question I ask all visitors… If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go? 

CE:  Ireland. I want a castle. If there is anyone that wants to give it to me, I would love you forever.

M:  Tea or coffee? 

CE:  Choffy. (Ground cocoa) Awesome!

M:  Really!  Is there such a thing?  I'm going to have to look into that, sounds delicious.

M:  Favorite Color? 

CE:  Blue Favorite

M:  Childhood Fictional Creature? 

CE:  Unicorn (Shut up! Don’t judge me;)

M:  Haha, Unicorns are cool.  And full of magic. ;)

M:  Now as an adult what’s your Favorite Fictional Creature? 

CE:  Umm…Lock Ness – Discovery channel owns me.

M:  Favorite Word? (any word at all) 

CE:  Booya!

M:  Collin, Thank you greatly for stopping by the blog! I wish you all the best on your tour and with the House of Grey series.

Collin is celebrating the release of the 6th, and final, volume of The House of Grey this week.

Here's the great thing...  If you want to try this series, just try the first volume, IT'S FREE!!  In all ebook formats:

About Collin Earl:
Collin J. Earl is an attorney, the CLO of Darkfire Productions and the writer of the House of Grey. Collin contributes his articles/post as one of his many “stops” for this 2012 House of Grey Promotional Blog Tour. Find out more on twitter/CollinEarl and at

You can also find Collin Earl:
Twitter:  @CollinEarl


  1. Ohh free, for real? I must go and check of that includes me :)

    1. Bloeduedd, I do hope you enjoy this one if you get the free book. It's YA but I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you for stopping

  2. thank you so much for this nice interview. Too bad it's not free for lol

    1. Oh you are so welcome Melliane. THank you for stopping. And I hope you saw that Collin left you his email addy here so you can get the free book. :) Hope you enjoy it!

  3. Melliane, I would be happy to get you a copy. Email me at

  4. Love the interview. I never judge anyone who loves unicorns. It's not in my nature.

    Oh this series sounds good and so glad all are out now. Totally snagged the free book.

    1. Thank you Melissa (B&T) And I agree, no judging by Unicorns. ;) I so hope you give this series a try. It was really good, I got through the first two and loved them.

  5. Great interview...ironically I have a book spotlight on the blog today with this author. Small reading world after all. Thanks for sharing guys!

    1. GMR, Thank you!! So glad you got to spotlight the author as well. :)

  6. Sounds great and I love how it is a mash up of different genres. Makes it more real and easier to really get into. Going to have to put this on my reading list :)

    1. Ashley, thank you greatly for stopping! SO sorry it took so long to respond. Now I have to get to visiting tomorrow night after caught up here. Hope you are well, and get to enjoy this series. :)


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