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Interview with Author Katee Robert

I've read and LOOOOVED books by author Katee Robert.  One was Young Adult and the other Adult.

Please welcome Katee to the blog...

M:  Hi Katee! Thank you for joining me today for an interview. I’m excited as I’ve read your new releases this year. Your novella kicking off your Sanctify series; The High Priestess, and I so need to get to the first novel that’s out as well, and also your first Young Adult book, The Hunter of the Dead, which I loved as well. *whispers* and it has zombies! Eep! *sing song* Lo-o-o-ved them! What a way to start off in the first year!

Alright, enough fan girl moment. Sorry, *clears throat* back on track here.

You’ve been busy with all the releases this year. How’s it feel as a newly published author to have all your work starting to filter out?

KR:  It’s… strange at times. I stumbled upon total strangers having a conversation about one of my books on Twitter and it blew my mind. I kind of feel like I’m dreaming and I really, really hope I never wake up. Unless it’s to Channing Tatum. I’d probably be okay with that.

LOL! That would be worth waking up next to. ;D

M:  Would you like to share with us a little about your books? I’m sure my followers have read my gleaming reviews, but please share a tidbit of each series with us. (and if you haven’t read my enthusiastic reviews, you should!)

KR:  I have a YA horror, Hunter of the Dead, that’s about a team who’s sole purpose is to eliminate zombie threats before they get to the point where people like you and I have to worry about them. The main character, Eden, is an eighteen-year-old sniper and she’s all sorts of damaged.

I also have a science fiction romance series that’s filled with badass women and the men who love them. They are named after tarot cards and tarot features pretty heavily into the series. Definitely a fun one—and HAWT.

Finally, I have a contemporary series called Come Undone. It’s zany and has a lot of those moments that no one quite believes happens in real life but… Well, they totally do. :)

M:  I’ve absolutely loved Eden in The Hunter of the Dead, your YA series, the story and Alejandro. Will we get more of Eden? We have to learn more about the zombie infection! Any estimate on how many books in the series?

KR:  I have at least one more book planned in the series, possibly another two more. I’m not sure exactly what the release schedule will look like, but Eden’s story isn’t finished yet.

M:  Oh and Alejandro….Mmm… Oh, he has some secrets to share with us, right?

KR:  Oh yes. Alejandro has a whole boatload of secrets—good, bad, and ugly.

M:  Oooo, Alehandro, good and bad...*dreamy eyes*

M:  I’ve finished the novella of your Adult Science Fiction Romance series and enjoyed the universe you’re creating here. It seems like you could have a vast creative universe here to play with. Do you have a whole large universe in mind for us? Will we get to see it in the series?

KR:  I actually have an entire universe created, as well as a whole list of planets and cultures and alien species. With each book, you’ll get to delve a bit deeper into the different planets and cultures. Ideally, there’s a spin-off series I’d like to write that explores a whole side of the universe that we only touch on with the Sanctify series.

M:  Wow!  You have it all mapped out! That is amazing, can't wait to learn more.

M:  Was it hard keeping the universe limited enough for a novella, thinking there is much more out there to share?

KR:  The novella had the advantage in that I actually wrote it after Queen of Swords, so I knew Gerard and Marianna’s story in its entirety. It was only a matter of putting it to the page.

M:  Marianna’s kind use cards to communicate to tell the past, present and future from their Lady. It seems the cards are a very important piece of the creation, are they similar to tarot cards?

KR:  They most definitely are tarot cards. I actually own the deck that Marianna’s daughter, Ophelia, uses (it’s mentioned in passing in The High Priestess).

M:  Any idea on how many books you might have in the adult series?

KR:  There will be three full-length books, in addition to the novella.

M:  With being a writer of Science Fiction, have you always been a fan of reading and watching it? Do you have a favorite sci fi show you watch(ed)?

KR:  I’m going to lose so much nerd-cred here, but I didn’t get into science fiction until a few years ago. I watched Serenity (I know, I KNOW. I had never heard of Firefly—don’t shoot me). It blew me away. From there, I ended up getting sucked into Ann Aguirre’s Sirantha Jax series. I was a gonner after that.

M:  Okay, so I watched Star Trek as a kid, but I've never seen Serenity or Firefly.  So you are not alone.  And Sirantha Jax series is amazing.  I loved it too.

M:  Now that you’ve written both adult and young adult, which do you find easier to write? Or pieces of both? Do they feel like two different mind sets?

KR:  In my head, there’s a very fine line between them, which is why there’s a decent chance I’ll be sticking to adult in the future. I always add too much in the way of violence and sex to be completely acceptable in young adult.

M:  Okay Katee, time for the fun questions as I’ll have to save some questions for when I have you back.

These questions, I ask all my guests on their first visit.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would you go?

KR:  Two places on my bucket list are Italy and Australia.

M:  Tea or Coffee?

KR:  Coffee until noon and then tea LOL

M:  That is a great combo!  Get both in, in one day. lol

M:  Favorite Color?

KR:  Blue

M:  Favorite Childhood Fictional Creature?

KR:  Pegasus. I was so predictable.

M:  Now as an Adult what’s your Favorite Fictional Creature? (can be the same as Childhood one)

KR:  I have a strange addiction to phoenixes. I’m in love with the idea of rising from the ashes of your past lives.

M:  Favorite word? (any word at all)

KR:  Devastated. It’s the current favorite, though subject to change without notice.

M:  Katee, thank you so much for agreeing to stop for an interview. :D I do wish you all the best in words and pages, and look forward to several more of both from you. Thank you again.

KR:  Thank you for having me!!!

I do hope you enjoyed the interview and learning more about Katee and her novels.  If you would like to hear my thoughts on the books I've read thus far, please feel free to stop by and comment.

You can find Katee in many places:
Twitter:  @Katee_Robert
Facebook:  Katee Robert
Her Site/Blog:  Katee Robert

Do stop around and say hello to Katee, I'm sure she would love to hear from you.

If you are interested in her books, you can find them at any book selling site in Print and Ebook.


  1. What a fun interview! But what really blows me away is that Mel is reading books with zombies in it! O.o

    I like that you are writing in different genres too. Oh I need to check them out.

    1. Thank you Melissa (B&T) lol. Yes, I read zombies! And Katee really created an action world with her characters that I flew through reading it!

      I do think you would love all of Katee's books (at least the ones I've read). They really are amazing!

  2. Katee is a new-to-me author and sounds like her work is right up my alley... how did I miss that!?!

    1. Cherry, so glad you like what you are hearing! And that I could share a new author with you. Hope you like what you find in her books and get a chance to try them. :) Thank you for stopping!

  3. Loved the interview and so curious about the zombies, I think it's great she writes in different genres and age groups.

    1. Hi Kimba! Thank you greatly for stopping. So glad you enjoyed the interview. Yes, the zombie book was great. And I think I loved it as we were hunting the zombies. ;) Thank you.

  4. Great interview! I agree about the Phoenixes :) Great creatures. What a fun Q & A session - I really enjoyed reading this. She sounds like my kind of author.

    1. Hi Jaclyn Canada, thank you for stopping by. So glad you enjoyed the interview and what you learned of Katee. :) Hope you get to try her books, they are well worth it. :)

  5. Oooh, a new author to check out. I will definitely put her on the list.

    1. SQT, thank you for stopping! Do hope you like what you find with Katee's books. :)

  6. Great intereview!! I'd love to read Hunter of the Dead. It sounds quite exciting, and I DO love zombies. :)

    I'd like to visit Italy and Australia as well.


    1. Shooting Stars mag, Thank you! And I do highly recommend Hunter of the Dead. I just loved the whole story. :) Hope you like what you see there. And yes, those are the two places my husband and I would love to travel day. ;)

  7. So many fabulous books and reviews on your blog! I was reading forever before I even made this comment.
    I loved this interview too.
    How was Sealed with a Curse?
    I am your lucky 600th follower :)
    Thank you for following/commenting today. I appreciate it..

    1. Hi Bellas Bookshelf! Thanks for stopping by! Oh, thank you. So glad you like all you see here. Hope you enjoy stopping by, and I look forward to your comments. :) Sealed with A Curse was a wonderful read! I really enjoyed all the elements in one place in that book. And welcome to My World. ;)

  8. Any author who loves Channing Tatum is okay in my book. lol. Great interview. I need to read her book soon.

    1. lol! Jennifer Bielman, Channing Tatum is well worth loving. lol. And I do hope you enjoy reading Katee's story.

  9. I so need to read Katee's books soon! You love her, Melissa, and that's enough recommendation for me. If not for you I wouldn't have read Pip Bllantine too ;))) Hi, Katee! nice taste in men plus I thought Serenity was awesome too!

    1. Oh Kara-karina! Thank you. lol. I really do love reading Katee's books. I so do hope you love them as much as I did. :) Thank you!


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