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Book Review: The House of Grey Vol. 2

The House of Grey Volume 2

By:  Collin Earl

Published By:  SilverStone Books

Publish Date:  April 2, 2012

Format:  eNovella, 123pg

Genre:  YA Modern Fantasy Thriller

Series:  2nd in series of The House of Grey; 1st Volume

Recommendation:  Oh yes, more magical feel to the characters.

Book Synopsis:
Fantasy, friendship, and fate await you in Collin Earl's The House of Grey, based on the popular audio fiction by the same name.

14-year-old Monson Grey faces the same challenges that any freshman high school kid would: difficult classes, weird teachers, food fights...girls.  Except, Monson Grey is not Monson Grey.  At least, when he looks at himself in the mirror, the scarred face staring back is not someone he recognizes.

Now he finds himself attending an extraordinary school, the recipient of an incredible scholarship, among ridiculously rich classmates, all with no memory of how he got there or what to expect.

All he has from his former life are the flashes of haunting images that plague his dreams and the echoing voices that he hears, but cannot see.

Luckily, Monson finds fast friendship in two of his classmates, Casey and Artorius.  Little does Monson know, they too carry their own skeletons.  Yet, as bizarre events start to unfold around them, Monson wonders what secrets lay buried in his mind or if he will ever be able to share his true fears with his newfound friends.

Join our three heroes as they roam the halls of the most prestigious high school in the country, finding love, mystery, and answers to their algebra homework - all while peeling away the layers of Monson's shadowy past.

First Sentence:
A red mist encircled Casey.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
Classes are underway.  There are good times and bad with the kids.  There's a crew who plan on wanting the Horum Vir title.  Girls seem to flock to Monson.  Coren gets more interesting with the people we meet and what they do...kind of magical in their ways.  The duties of being Horum Vir start to surface here with the public relations Monson has to do for the football team and face of the school.

This volume picks up at the very moment we stopped in volume 1.  Thank you Collin!  I really needed to know what was happening.  This volume doesn't end at such a cliffhanger point, but as Collin has mentioned there really is no good point in which to break with this story and that is very true.  When the break comes, I'm always glad he didn't stop somewhere else.  This story line has kept me interested and flipping pages to see what else will happen and what mysterious yet curious thing will any character do next.  It feels like magic here!

The boys now deal with girl problems, of all sorts - good, bad and strange, like normal teens.  There is humiliation, threats and taunts of a bully, along with juggling homework and sports.  Along the way Monson makes a few new friends and an enemy or two.

Oh, our trio - Monson, Casey, and Artorius - make me so curious!  There is more to them than we know, there has to be!  Casey gets to shine and show off his abilities in the starts of this volume.  You will be amazed!  We also get to meet an amazing fencer; Cyann.  She is an interesting and curious one for me as well.  Then we learn more about Daimon Peterman (aka The Diamond) and become rather curious of his sudden rise to the top and the mysterious question of, where did he come from?

This volume is more modern version of things with school, relationships, football, and classes.  There is the overlaying feeling of magic to bring the fantasy sense to the surface.  The mythology sense is mentioned and is there, but still I'm curious to learn about myths mentioned and a past sad tragedy that happened here not so long ago.  One of our boys is related to this some how, and there is more about Monson that is hinted at here.  What a way to peck my curiosity and interest, constantly with hints of pieces.

I have to say I'm glad five of the six volumes are out and the sixth coming soon as this is a story line I want to finish soon, real soon.  There is so much magical possibility here that I want to see what I'm thinking is magic really is.  And what the secret is about Monson.  On to the third volume for me!

**I read this story for an honest review from the Author.


  1. Hm... this sounds interesting. I like the magical and the modern mixed together. Only 6? Last is out soon? Oh nice... a full complete series.

    1. Melissa (B&T) I've really liked this blend Collin has going. I think you would very much enjoy it as well. :) And the last has recently been released, so all's good to go through the whole series! :D

  2. oh it must be interesting to learn so many things about everyone like that. The coveris also really nice!

    1. Melliane, thank you! It really is a great read. I was really surprised with how much I was taken by the first two volumes. :)

  3. I think I will wait for the ending to get released before even thinking of picking this series up because I am not a patient reader and the waiting will drive me mad :)

    1. Cherry, all is out now. :) The sixth and final volume has just been released. :) Hope you enjoy it if you give it a try. Thank you!

  4. The last volume just got released! No need to wait!

  5. Oooh, sounds interesting. The cover is kind of creepy.

    1. Jennifer Bielman, It really is good. I really enjoyed these and getting lost here in this world with Monson. Hope you give it a try. :)


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