Thursday, September 1, 2011

If you were wondering....

I know many of you may not want to know.  But there are a few of you who might.  So I thought I'd share with you what's been going on with me.  I've been away from the blog for a few days here.  And thank you to those of you who still visit with the delay in me commenting back and getting to visit your blogs as well. :) You're all amazing. :)

But I had surgery on Tuesday August 30th.  Nothing major.  Well, I guess minor but it's so routine these days.  I had my thyroid removed.  I had three large nodules on it.  The doctor said to his eyes it looked all clean, no cancer there.  But as routine they send it out for further testing.  So I'm thinking all good things as I'm to young for there to be anything else. (yes I know, one is never to young but in My Little World that is my innocent reasoning so let me have a little thought of being young. ;P )

But, I've been sleeping or starring into space.  Yeah love those pain meds. he he... I found out I couldn't take the good stuff as I'm allergic, but found out quickly enough so no major reactions occurred.

But I'm home and resting.  My throat is feeling soooo much better.  But my neck is now starting to ache and it's stiff.  So, I'm resting.  On the recliner.  Resting.  Yes, it gets boring.  But I'm trying to read, which gets hard holding my head the same way all day.  But I'm trying.

And now I'm back to the blogs.  I'll make my way around to visiting every ones blog slowly here.  As there are many posts to try to get caught up on.

But I wanted to let the few of you whom I've become rather close to, that I'm doing well.  And recovering slowly here. :) So no worries.  All is good.  Now if I could get this magic wand to work it's magic and heal the wound in an instant all would be peachy-keen. 


  1. Oh, Melissa! You sound so positive and upbeat. I shall join you and think of nothing but good thoughts for your speedy recovery. Thank you for letting us know. Stay well, friend.

  2. Happy to hear you're on the mend! Feel better soon. :)

  3. If you don't visit my blog first, I'll destroy you.

    Oh, and glad you're OK. Actually nothing new on my blog since you went to your doctor's appointment.

  4. Oh sweetie - lots of good thoughts and best wishes flying your way from over the pond. I know it sucks to be stuck in bed - especially if you can't focus on anything.

  5. Oh, good. I'm glad to hear that you are doing OK. Though surgery of any kind seems like a big deal to me. Just make sure to rest a lot and get well soon. :)

  6. I hope you continue to feel better! Do not over do it lady!!

  7. Oh, Sweetheart! Being a Surgical/critical care RN, I want to tell you that with Thyroids, especially at your age, they're very rarely malignant. I would trust your surgeon, by law they have to send it out for further analysis.

    Think healing peaceful thoughts and relax! Know that I am doing the same from afar. My prayers are with you for a speedy recovery and

    Bless your heart, I know your neck hurts like a son of a gun. You may want to ask for a muscle relaxer to help with that. Positioning in surgery is the reason for that pain.

    Big Gentle Hugs, Chicky-Poo!

    Get that muscle relaxer!!!

  8. I'm glad you're doing well and I hope you're recovery is smooth.

  9. *big hugs*
    take care now, I need my favourite crazy fantasy lover around :D

  10. I'm so glad you are doing okay. I hope you feel better quickly. I wouldn't worry about the further testing, but it is good to have that extra assurance.

    I know all about being allergic to meds. I hope that you don't have more of that kind of trouble.

    My boy is willing to come over and take care of the girls for you. He only has a few days before HIS surgery and he may not want to show the girls as good of a time after that (if you get my meaning... lol)

    Rest... take advantage of your hubs (sorry, but you know she deserves it!) and recoup!


  11. Get better soon, darling! Hope your books and the power of the Internet will make the recovery a bit more bearable *hugs*

  12. Douglas Brown - Thank you. :) And thank you for stopping by!

    StephanieD - :) Thank you. I really don't think there is much to worry about, so no need to be anything but positive. :)

    Jenn - Thank you! :) And on the path to recovery is going quickly. Or it seems so.

    Bastard - lol. Thank you! And I haven't visited any blogs yet.... But I'll be by soon.

    Mel - Thank you for the wishes. :) I hate when the mind seems to wonder and stall all the time. But it's starting to come around here, in between naps. :)

    Simcha - Thank you. :) I guess it was kind of serious surgery, but it's so routine anymore I wasn't worried about it. And trying to rest up. :) Thank you.

    Mflick1 - Thank you! And the trick is trying to know the limits and not over doing it. Can be hard sometimes. Thank you!

  13. Kristi The Book Faery - Hey hon! SO glad to see you. :) I hope you are doing much better. Yes the Doctor had said the same thing about being extremely rare with malignant. And the test result came back all clean. Which I kind of figured, but never know till they come back. Oh, I never thought about a muscle relaxer. That is a great idea. Thank you! And I do hope you are recovering well as well. :) Take care. Hugs to you! :)

    Carolsnotebook - Thank you. :) It seems to be going well here with relaxing so far.

    Blodeuedd - Hey! :) Thank you. ANd I can't wait to get back to being around all the time again. :) I'll be back very soon!

    Melissa (Books&Things) - Oh, I wasn't to worried, and at the doctors today they came back already and all clear. So nothing to worry on. :) And thank you! The girls could use a baby sitter. They got to one of the kids new shirts this afternoon here. Yeah, chewed it. So please bring the boy over to wear them out. lol. And I hope he does well and recovers quickly. (sorry about the surgery, the girls had their's over the winter time.) Thank you! Hugs

    Kara-Karina@Nocturnal Book Reviews - Hey! Thank you! I'm hoping to get lost in atleast one book between naps. :) And it's helping. :) Thank you!

  14. I'm so sorry to hear what you have been going through! Even minor surgery is uncomfortable, and waiting for test results is the worst! Keep looking on the bright side, being positive, and I will be praying that everything works out and you are back to your usual sweet, energetic self in no time at all :)

  15. Just take care of yourseif and make sure everyone is pampering you. I will be sending lots of love and well wishes along your way.

  16. Glad to hear you are mending well. Just take it easy, no worries, we'll all still be here when you get back up and running at full speed. :)

  17. Julie - thank you! I think I'm starting to come back around now. :) So hoping to get back on track if I don't stay on the tired side here. :)

    Ryan - Thank you for the love and wishes. :) You are to great. And doing pretty good here with all the help. :)

    Zia - Hi! :) Thank you. I'm glad to hear. Hopefully I'll be back up and going as I'm starting to feel better. But now the feat will be not being so tired without the thyroid till my meds are regulated to what I need.

  18. Do have to share, got the results back and as expected all is clear and well. Now I just hope the medicine I have to take doesn't take long to get to the dose I need. :) But all is well! Yeah!

  19. Lots of Well Wishes..GP will Have Pizza for you next week,,and Drinks OTH....We have a New sign Have a Look and were's as BodyGuard's.We thought they were Puppies..

  20. So glad to hear that you're doing well! Even if it's minor surgery, it's still surgery. And yes, I'm right there with you in the I'm-young-so-it-will-be-okay world. :)

    Take care of yourself!

  21. Oh Melissa,

    So very happy to hear the great news, even though I knew it would be good :o]
    Did you get a muscle relaxer for your neck? I do NOT know why they don't automatically give them out to post-op surgical pts with your procedure! It's cruel, I tell ya!!!

    If I were close enough, I'd be there in a heartbeat, me and my bear and we'd take your puppy for some playtime that would wear his little buns right out! Bear is so maternal and gentle, all 100 lbs of him! He mothers puppies (yeah, yeah--he was fixed really early, LOL!) he's the sweetest thing on four legs!
    Honestly, I really do wish I were closer so that I could've helped you out.

    I hope you're feeling better but please don't push yourself and take lots of time to rest throughout the day and pamper yourself. Your body still needs lots of time to heal. That's a major surgery and truly, it takes a full 3 months for your body to recover from that type of surgery. I don't care what anyone says!

    Biggest of gentle hugs again! So glad to see you posting!

  22. Vtcozy - Hi! Thank you for stopping by. :) Oh and Pizza! I love pizza! :) I'll look forward to it. :) I did stop by and see the new sign, very snazzy! and the puppies where weres! lol! That is to cool! Love the new Bodyguards. ;D Thank you!

    Alexia - Thank you for stopping by. :) Yes, everyone keeps telling me the same thing, but I just hate bothering anyone with the whole thing. Thank you for the wishes.

    Kristi The Book Faery - :) Thank you. No I didn't get the muscle relaxers. I had already seen the doctor on Friday, but Saturday my neck started to loosen up and today I'm feeling really good. So I think I'm just about back to normal. Now if only I could get the sterial strips to fall off faster... ;D I think those are what's pulling when I turn my head. But I will wait and let them go in their due time. No extra help from me. Oh the girls would love to have a playmate! lol. We left them outside yeaterday for most of the day while husband was working around the yard and they where sooooo wore out! I couldn't believe it. Two German Shephard girls and they just turned a year old, so they are still pups. ;) Oh, it would be nice to have a book friend around. But Thank you for all the wishes and all. :) It means a lot. Oh wow, 3 months to really recover. Wow, I never realized that. :) Thank you so much for all the wishs. And hugs to you! I hope you are feeling better. :)

  23. All good wishes are coming your way.

  24. Luanne - Thank you! :) I'm doing pretty good now and all the tests came back clean (which we thought, but just that tiny chance is there). I'm on the mend just going through some tired moments till completely well. But back to work and all the regular stuff now. :) Still taking it a little easy, but pretty well at the time. Thank you!!!


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