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Book Blog Chat (18) Stop 1

We are at our first stop with Jack Winter and Pete Caldecott in Devil's Business, although it's not Jack's first stop by now.  I think hes on 4 or 5....

We are taking on this book in 2 sections this time around, and now we are half way through.

We do have some questions/thoughts to get us started on our chat here.  Hope you join us.

WARNING:  There WILL BE SPOILERS in the comments, and possibly in the questions.

Robyn's Questions:
1.)  Don aka Abbadon and Teddy were talking about needing body suits.  I don't know why but I feel like that will put the baby in danger.  Could Pete be in trouble being a pregnant woman?
2.)  Besides getting rid of the "princes" do you think Belial has other plans and will leave Pete and Jack alone when this is all done?
3.)  Do you think they will ever go back to London or will they still be in danger when they get back?  What could await them when they return?

Melissa's Questions:
1)  Who else has done the trance that Jack did at the Case home?  The clerk at the magic store mentioned someone else purchased the same items and this doesn't seem like a common trance to do.
2.)  What deal do you think Mrs. Case made?  And with who?
3.)  Jack has 3 paths here to choose from, all of which have threatened Pete.  Which path do you think Jack will follow and help in the end?


  1. I was wondering about who else could be involved in the trance.

    I'm trying to figure out if it's someone we've met or someone that is new to the series that could cause trouble with Jack and Pete.

    I'm wondering if we'll discover something about Mrs. Case, that made her decide to go with this plan. Did she have a choice? Did she want something in return?

    I'm wondering if it was Abbadon she met the deal with or another prince.

    I'm hoping the path Jack chooses in the end will be a safe one for Pete and their child. It's going to be a long road ahead of them.

  2. You know I keep waiting for Pete to get in trouble. She's at risk and everyone keeps threatening her. I just keep thinking something bad is going to happen.

    I have a feeling after all this is done, we haven't seen the last of Belial. I could see him coming back to them. He'll use their baby against them or something. Or Pete will feel the need to help because of the baby. I'm not sure how yet, but I feel like she'll do anything in the end to protect this baby.

    I wonder what will be in store for them when they return to London. Or if they will. I mean the series is titled Black London, haha.

  3. I keep waiting for that man they had a run in with in the last book that had all the spirits in the house... oh, I can't remember his name. He's the reason that guy got loose. I wonder if he's the one that is involved over here some how. With Abbadon.

    Yeah, I hope we learn more about what Mrs Case agreed to and why. I wonder if they did it for money or prestige. They seemed like a liked couple and to basic. lol.

  4. I think Jack will pick his own path. But he doesn't tell Pete anything about what is going on. I know he wants to protect her, but he should tell her what they are up against. Jack's path will be a blend of all these but with his ending. ;D

  5. Everyone is threatening Pete, but no one's really done anything to her. I'm waiting for it to happen. We really haven't seen much of here yet.

    Oh no I don't think Belial will be gone forever. And I keep thinking about that man that wants Belial for his own study... I wonder what would happen to Belial when this man passes. It might take years but Belial will be free again and madder than a stirred up hornets nest.

  6. I think there always will be trouble in London. ;D But Morninstar threatened them and doesn't want them in his town either. So when they return, he will be trouble for them. But he owes Pete a favor, doesn't he? From Demon Bound I think.

  7. Robyn, I hate to admit it but this book isn't hitting home with me this round. I don't know if it's me and timing or what. I'm enjoying the story of Jack and all his deals. ;D But it started off like I was missing some stuff. I don't understand why Pete would go through hell and high water to save Jack, just to leave him. I thought there was more there and I love the mean banter, but that's them. And I'm not feeling it this book. I don't feel the Jack and Pete fun and nasty.

    I know Pete is probably thinking like Jack, she didn't want a baby, this isn't a good place to raise a baby, and Jacks not the picture father. But there seems like there is more to this I'm not getting.

  8. I'm not sure what they are looking for in body suits. They said special ones. So I wonder what the special is...ability? age? What?

    And what happened to the babies they took? I wondered if the girl was the first one, but I don't know. Are they around or did they.... eat them? *shake* Sounds nasty, but I don't know what they did.

  9. I am finding the story Belial tells and the one Abbadon spins are enough the same but shaded to their sides. ;) But Belial doesn't seem to argue the story, he just says the demons took over and Hell is theirs now.

    But what are the princes? What do we call Abbadon & the others? Are they like Fallen Angels? what really?

  10. I remember who you're talking about but I can't remember his name either. That could be who it is. It has to be someone we've met. Maybe??

    Money and Mrs. Case seems too easy but that could have been. I wonder what she knew going in? Maybe Pete will find out.

    Jack better be telling Pete more information. You know when she finds out, she won't be happy. Of course she'll love him enough, I could see her putting herself in danger.

    I have a feeling we'll see her get hurt or in trouble in the next half.

    I'm wondering how long she'll be pregnant in the books. Will this go on for a couple books or just another book. She's only what a few months? Not even, I think.

    I wonder if we will see Belial free. That could be interesting.

    I'll have to look back at Demon Bound but I think Morningstar does owe her.

  11. I think this is more of a filler book. That's what I'm getting. I'm still liking this one but I feel like it's more a filler. It was bound to happen, haha.

    If they are looking for special abilities for the suit, what could that mean for their baby. You know this baby will have some type of power.

    I'm wondering about the princes too. I hope we can get more information on them. What type of creature are they really?

  12. Nickolas Naughton! That's the guys name. lol.

    I'm hoping they will pick up the action here. I'm kind of disappointed in Jack being so lame and mellow here. He's no fun without the drugs. he he.

    Good question about Pete being pregnant. Maybe she'll have it in the next book. But I would like to learn more about Pete and her powers. And we were left feeling as there was a big fight coming. But none of that feel is here. Unless these "Princes" are the ones leading us to that fight.

    I'm curious.

  13. Haha, I know, he needs the drugs, haha..kidding

    I bet she does in the next book. This one is Jack's point of view so the next one should be Pete.

    I would love to learn more about her powers. We seem to only see them with Jack involved.

    I feel like this is still a filler book. I keep thinking I have to pay close attention because there will be something that will be play out in the next book. Maybe it's the princes. Maybe it's the baby?


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