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Book Blog Chat (17) Stop 1

We are half way through wading through Aftermath.  And there is a lot of aftermath from Killbox.  But we will get to chatting about that here.

I hope you join us!  Robyn & I have a few questions to get the ball rolling, but we will chat on anything in the first half you would like to chat on or speculate about. :)

WARNING! There WILL BE SPOILERS in comments and possibly in questions.

Robyn's Questions:
1.)  Do you think there is any hope for March and Jax at this point?  I don't know.  The old March would come running after she was free.  But now with his nephew?  Could that be the thing that pushes the two apart?
2.)  Now that Jax is free, what do you think is in store for her?
3.)  No one is safe in this world.  Did you ever except the death of Doc?  Did you think if someone was to die it would be him or maybe someone else?

Melissa's Questions:
1.)  Who's going to help Jax take care of her nanites and mechanical extras?  Was Evelyn really paranoid and hide her data?
2.)  How about Vel?  He and Jax are such close friends.  Will he always be there for Jax?  Will she really NOT send him away in the future?
3.)  How do you think things are going to go with Baby-Z2?


  1. With not having any help on the nanites. I worry about Jax. I have a feeling it won't be in this book but maybe the next? You know without Doc or Evelyn, something will go wrong. Unless she can find the data but I have a feeling it won't be found.

    I think Vel will stick at her side for as long as he can. Besides March, he's the only other person or should I say alien, who knows her.

    The only way I could Jax sending Vel away is if she felt she was putting Vel in danger.

    I worry about Baby-Z2. But at the same time, I'll bet the little guy will be okay. Jax will do her best to keep the little one safe until she can't anymore. Jax needs some happiness, so I hope Baby-Z2 is okay, lol.

  2. I worry about the direction of March and Jax. Maybe it's because of many authors have done lately with their couples, haha.

    We really haven't seen March in this one and with him looking for his nephew, I have a bad feeling that is going to make the two go their separate ways. I can't see Jax settling down in one place but I could see March staying in one place for his nephew.

    I wonder what will happen with Jax now. Will she continue to fight? Work with the jumpers? Or just be a jumper? The old Jax would probably just jump from place to place but this Jax? I can see her still being involved in some way.

    Doc?! I can't believe it. I didn't think he would be one of the ones to go. I thought maybe Hit or something at the beginning. That came to a shock to me.

  3. I definitely think something is wrong between Jax and March. Sure, they still love each other but it seems that they stopped trusting their feelings. They act as if they were sure something had to go wrong at some point. March's nephew shouldn't really be such an issue; after all, even if Jax is not a maternal type, what is several years spent in the company of a man you truly love? Even if you spend them in a manner not exactly comfortable to you?

    I do love the closeness between Jax and Vel - I really think it is the best romance I've read in a sci-fi book for a long time. Yes, I mean ROMANCE not friendship. You'll see.

  4. Ok. So I have 20 minutes to let it fly here. ;D I've been working up to this time all day. Couldn't wait!

    I keep wondering if her dream was true. Did Evelyn really hide all her data? Will no one be able to help Jax? I wonder. And part of me, even though I know it's not possible, thinks maybe Saul & Evelyn are still alive. Sad.

    I do worry about Jax with the nanites and extra hardware she has. Maybe Vel can help her out as he was around when it was all being done.

    Yes! Vel is right there with Jax 120%. I got a little nervous about Vel being mentioned as a romantic for Jax by their friend. I'm wondering. I hope we didn't come all this way to have a love triangle. But Vel seems to know Jax inside and out and Jax with Vel.

  5. I have a feeling things are not going to go as welcoming as hoped with Baby-Z2. I think they are not going to be very happy with Jax. And I wonder if they will take Baby-Z2 back. I don't know. But I like that Jax got the chip to talk to them. Great idea!

  6. I worry about March & Jax too. But I'm hoping there is a flicker of hope in there for them. They are intertwined with each other's systems. They have to be together. I know Jax made a comment about not being a motherly type. Which makes you think she'll leave before doing so with March. But I don't think she'd be able to. Once March gets his head on straight and they start flying again.

    I don't think Jax will work with the Conglomerate again, or so she says. So I'm not sure what she'll do. But all she seems to want to do is jump. Jax seems to be falling back into the jumping need again, kind of like the old Jax but wiser and smarter.

  7. I hate to say this, but I'm waiting for it to happen.... Vel piloting a ship Jax is the jumper on. Do you think we will see this? She would get a whole different view on Vel this way if he let her. Just a curious thought. And part of me kind of wants to see this. To see what we could learn from Vel. He says Jax knows all about him now with his love history.

  8. Yeah I was surprised about Saul. I know it's war and anyone can go. but he was so important to Jax. It was a shocker. And it just leaves a whole other mess to tend to.

  9. Anachronist! Ooooohhh. Now I want to dig back into the book to see where we go! That's not fair.

    I'm thinking March and Jax think the other doesn't need them. But in real they do and wont admit it. To use to being strong and indepentant. They need their heads clonked together. lol

  10. I have to say this book has a mellower tone to it for me. We are always moving forward and quickly, but it's not the fighting action we see. We are really starting to get some resolution to things from the past books and starting to see (with our fingers crossed) that the Conglomerate is starting to stand on it's own two feet. Things are ironing out some it seems.

    As for Jax... I'm not sure where the stars are going to take her. But she will be with them that's for sure.

    I really wish she would have just jumped into a shop and jumped to March. I think that's what they both need.

  11. I keep thinking about Jax living a longer life with the nanites. And now we learn about Vel and his extra long life too. What do you think? Could these two ride off into the stars together? Sounds like they could live long together in each others company.

  12. Do you think we will see a cure for Loras people before the end of the series? This is another promise Jax has that she is working very hard to keep. She really has changed. She's not running off to leave it all behind. She's trying to take care of all the loose ends she has hanging out there.

    Wait! Wait. wait.

    Jax is taking care of all her loose ends. I hope she isn't planing on dieing. That she is just being the responsible adult and tieing up the ends she started and promised to take care of.

  13. You know I thought about Vel and Jax hooking up but I don't know. Maybe it's because I'm Team March, I don't want to see it happen. I really feel like though that March and Jax are meant for each other. I would hate to see that connection disappear.

    Still love Vel of course, but yeah, Team March, haha.

  14. I was thinking the nanites and maybe again, it's because I want March back, haha. But I wonder if something were to happen. Would March drop everything,including his nephew to be with her?

  15. I'm really curious to know how March and Jax will fly again with his nephew. Will he come along for the ride? Maybe he'll be in school.

    Something has to happen for them to find their way back to each other.

  16. It would be interesting to see Vel as the pilot. I'm not sure if that's how Jax will see him in a new light or not though. They have been getting closer by the minute it seems. They could just be walking and talking and something will connect the two.

  17. March is not the type to drop his duty and run away with the women he loves just because he can. I bet he will stay with his nephew and try to lure Jax to cooperate...and it won't work. Ok, I admit, I read the whole of the book, I DEVOURED IT. >;D

  18. I don't blame you. I had to fight it to not turn the page. :)

  19. Oh, I'm not saying I want Vel & Jax as a couple. I just think it would be neat for us to get that inside view of his mind and workings. :)

    I need Jax and March together as well. That is part of what I loved about this series all the way through. No love triangle, just a couple fighting the odds about being together and together.

  20. Why can't March's nephew fly the stars with them? He isn't going to be one that anyone will want on the planet anyway with his PSI level ability. March could train him. And make him a better person. And if he gets out of hand Jax can put him in the chair and remap his mind too. lol. ;D

  21. Anachronist, as much as I don't want it to happen. I see just that with Jax & March. Neither will budge on their side. And it will hurt them as a couple in the end. Shame. But yep, that's exactly what I see.

    And I had a hard time stopping as well! I REALLY want to get back to reading. lol.

  22. I'm kind of hoping, his nephew will go off to school so March and Jax can be alone together, haha.

    It is nice not to have a love triangle, we get those a lot lately, it seems. So I hope it stays that way.

    I want her with March or no one else. So of course, March and her will have to ride into the sunset together. Wait? Maybe it's jump into the grimspace together?? Hmm...haha.

  23. Let me just say that for Jax the nephew, poor little Sasha, is not the greatest of obstacles. He is perhaps a viable reason for March but not for her. The problem with Jax is that she is addicted to Grimspace and she can't imagine staying on dirtside for longer than necessary. In the second part of the book there is a splendid scene when Vel asks Sirantha what she wants to do. Well, March hardly ever asked her such a question - rather telling, isn't it? What guy would you like to be with - one who always knows what to do or one who asks your opinon?

  24. I keep hoping March will change his mind, lol. A girl can dream, haha.

  25. And no, the nephew cannot be simply shipped off to school - far too dangerous. March will have to wait for Jax while bringing Sasha up. A single dad as him might attrackt a lot of attention...

  26. Yeah, I'm not thinking the nephew will go off to school. He is to high on the PSI level and probably considered EXTREMELY dangerous. I think it will be a miracle if March can leave the planet with him. And the kid to go willingly to boot. Nope, I think this is going to be a HUGE hurdle for March and Jax.

    Oh and to read about Vel & Jax! ooooo. I can't wait.

    I think Jax needs to remap this little one as well. ;D

    Okay, I'm going to get started back into this book tonight. :)


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