Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday's Beginnings (46)

So, here we are again... Another Monday.

How are you faring in reading at the beginning of this week?  Are you starting a new book or finishing one up?

I got a little bit of reading done today, but of course not as much as I was wanting.  I am going to try to get more done this evening though.  As for the books... I did get The Crowded Shadows by Celine Kiernan done.  I truly loved this book, and now can't wait until October for the third and final book of the trilogy, Rebel Prince.  I plan to have the review for The Crowded Shadows up in a day or two.  I find at times I have a harder time reviewing books I enjoyed this much.  I am currently working on Unholy Magic by Stacia Kane.  Which I just bought last week.  I was hoping to get more time on this over the weekend, but got caught up with all sorts of running with the family.  Oh well, I am hoping to devour this book too.

I did get a few reviews up last week:
     The Left Hand of God By Paul Hoffman, here
     Waking the Witch By Kelley Armstrong, here

As for my Wishlist... I have added seven more books.  Thank you all for these great additions to the list.  I am trying to keep this list on a smaller side here for just a little while.  I have so many books to series I am currently reading coming out soon that I want to get to all these.  But the authors should all be thrilled that you are all introducing me to their books because I just can't pass them up. :)

Books received last week:

Unholy Magic (Downside Ghosts #2) By Stacia Kane

Synopsis from Good Reads:

For Chess Putnam, finding herself near-fatally poisoned by a con psychic and then stopping a murderous ghost is just another day on the job. As an agent of the Church of Real Truth, Chess must expose those looking to profit from the world’s unpleasant little poltergeist problem—humans filing false claims of hauntings—all while staving off any undead who really are looking for a kill. But Chess has been extra busy these days, coping with a new “celebrity” assignment while trying on her own time to help some desperate prostitutes.

Someone’s taking out the hookers of Downside in the most gruesome way, and Chess is sure the rumors that it’s the work of a ghost are way off base. But proving herself right means walking in the path of a maniac, not to mention standing between the two men in her life just as they—along with their ruthless employers—are moving closer to a catastrophic showdown. Someone is dealing in murder, sex, and the supernatural, and once again Chess finds herself right in the crossfire.

All three of these books I won from Book Chick City through her monthly Speculated Fiction Challenge.  You should stop by and sign up to do.  It is fun to share the reviews and enter to win for doing what we enjoy doing here.  Visit Book Chick City here.

King Maker (The Knights of Breton Court #1) By Maurice Broaddus

Synopsis from Good Reads:

From the drug gangs of downtown Indianapolis, the one true king will arise. The King Arthur myth gets dramatically retold through the eyes of street hustler King, as he tries to unite the crack dealers, gangbangers and the monsters lurking within them to do the right thing. Broaddus' debut is a stunning, edgy work, genuinely unlike anything you've ever read.

Nekropolis (Nekropolis #1) By Tim Waggoner

Synopsis from Good Reads:

Meet Matt Richter. Private eye. Zombie. 

His mean streets are the city of the dead, the shadowy realm known as Nekropolis. And in this first case, Richter must help a delectable half-vampire named Devona recover a legendary artifact known as the Dawnstone, before it’s used to destroy Nekropolis itself. That is, if he can survive the myriad horrors that infest the city itself.

Dead Streets (Nekropolis #2) By Tim Waggoner

Synopsis from Good Reads:

Meet Matt Richter. Private Eye. Zombie. His mean streets are the city of the dead, the shadowy realm known as Nekropolis. Book two of the Nekropolis series sends Matt Richter out on another deathly adventure. More pulp than Pulp Fiction, more butt-kicking than Buffy, Dead Streets is the second in this deathly new series.

So, how are you faring this week?  Does it look like a good reading week this week?

Here's to hoping you have a great week in words and pages.


  1. Congratulations on winning such cool books! Love those covers! Happy reading!

  2. Great looking books. A bunch of creepy covers.

  3. I really need to get my hands on Stacia's books, I've heard great things about them =)

  4. I've heard good things about Stacia's books too! Looks like a good week!

  5. I'm so freakin jealous of you right now. The 3 books you won from Carolyn are all books that have been on my wishlist for a while. I hope you enjoy them. Happy reading this week.

  6. Yay - so glad you received your books ok - I hope you enjoy them! :)

  7. Alexia - Thanks! Glad to see your back. ;)

    Alison - Thanks for stopping by. The covers are a little creepy, but they sound like great reads. :)

    Tynga - Stacia's books are great! I think you will enjoy them. The first 2 are out and the third comes out on the 27th. :) Enjoy!

    Candace - Thanks for stopping by. Stacia's books are great, hope you enjoy them. :)

  8. Ryan - he he he. I have wanted these three books too. They were on my wishlist. I am really looking forward to reading them. Have a great week! :)

    Book Chick City - Yes, they are perfect, thank you! Have a great week. :) And thank you for stopping by!

  9. Congratulations on winning the Speculative Fiction Chellenge prize :-)

    And I'm really curious to read your review of Waking the Witch, I'm a huge WoTO lover, and can't wait to read WtW!! But I don't understand why Book Depository says that it will be released in July 2011!! I can't wait until then! :-((

    I have heard great things about Stacia Kane's Unholy series, I have Unholy Ghosts on my TBR shelf, I'll get to it one day ;-)

    I became your newest follower, which surprises me I was sure I was already following you, hm.. maybe Blogger pulled another weird stunt? Anyway, I'm here and following :-)

  10. Congrats on your winnings. Those look really good. I'm really interested to see your feelings on them and whether I have to get them. :)

  11. Stella (Ex Libris) Thank you! Here is the link to the review of Waking the Witch.

    I really did love reading it, and plan on going back into the series to read more. Wonder why Book Depository says July 2011? It will be out July 27th this year, just a few short weeks. :) I have really been enjoying Stacia Kane's books here (the Downside series). I think you would like them. Well, I had thought you where a follower already too. But glad to have you for sure now. :)

  12. Seak - Thanks! The Nekropolis series is new to me. I was thinking of maybe using the first one for the challenge over at Only the best Fantasy... I had not heard of them before and got lucky in winning them. But I could always go and buy a new book off the shelves too. :) I'm not sure what to do. Have a great week!


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