Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Favorite Fictional Character (26)

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I just started the second book in a fantasy trilogy.  And doing so reminded me how much I loved one of the male characters... Christopher Garron.  I met Christopher first in The Poison Throne and now again in The Crowded Shadows.

So he sounds like a nice looking young man, tall, thin, and long black hair.  But there is more than that to his character.  He is a ladies man for sure.  He has a smile when used makes the women think they are something special.  But, Christopher also has a great sense of humor and no matter how ugly things get he holds this humor to lightens any mood.  There is a dark side to Christopher as well... don't mess with the ones he loves or he could take your head off and not think twice about it.  I love that he is so loyal to his friends. 

Christopher is the best friend to the bastard - now named - Prince Razi, and in being such a close friend he has to attend some parties and such.  But as much of a front as he puts up, he is not as educated on the political ways of the sly torments and manipulations.  But he makes it through with the help of friends, his quick learning, and quickness to think on his feet.  But being a close friend to an unwanted named Prince could be dangerous too.  Christopher takes an ugly beating in order to upset the Prince and get him to do as his father wants him to.

In the end, I saw Christopher more than the character he plays around the beautiful women, or to get his way.  Christopher is a loyal friend who would die to protect those who mean more to him than the world.  He is also a decent young man of a potential love for another character in the book.  And now that I am getting further into The Crowded Shadows, I am loving Christopher even more... history and all.


  1. Sounds like an intriguing character. You always pick them from books I'm not familiar with. You are yet again making my wish list grow. Great choice.

  2. Hey Ryan. :) Glad you enjoyed this character. I have been loving a lot of characters in my books lately. This was a new trilogy, the third and final book of the trilogy will be out in October - this year. :) I am loving the second book right now. Hope you enjoy this trilogy if you get to it. :) Everyone keeps telling me that I read very different books. :) I think I like that!


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