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Interview & Giveaway: With Nicole Peeler

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Welcome everyone!  We are officially into July now. Wow! Half the year is over... Where did it go? 

Oh well, Today I have an interview for you with a great and fun author... Nicole Peeler.  Nicole's second book, Tracking the Tempest, official release date is today!  Although, it has been spotted in the wild before today.  Keep reading to learn a little more of Nicole and her books.

Hi Nicole!  I am so glad to have you by!
Me:  Well, in case there are any readers here who have not read Tempest Rising, would you like to share a few words on Jane, and what we may expect in Tracking the Tempest.  (*wishing with fingers, toes, arms, and legs crossed* Please, tell me we are going it hear more of Anyan.)
NP:  You are definitely getting a lot more Anyan, no worries! As for Jane, she’s not your typical UF heroine, especially in the first book. She’s part seal, and they’re not exactly known for clubbing back. But in Tracking, her powers are growing and she’s had some time to get used the idea of her new world . . . or so she thinks.

Me:  Well, I have heard some great news from you on twitter and at your blog… Orbit has picked up 3 more Jane True books.  That is amazing!  So that makes Jane True a series of 6 books now, right.  Do you have adventures already mapped out for our little Jane?
NP:  I’ve always had a six-book story arc mapped for Jane. I wanted a really classical “hero’s journey” quest, but for a young woman who wasn’t kick ass to start out with. So Jane’s got a lot more story coming up, and after that I’ve got some spin-offs simmering in the brain pan. ;-)

Me:  You have Tracking the Tempest released today, and Tempest’s Legacy due out January 2011.  Are the new books going to be published as quickly as these first three are?  I just want to note here that I would love to thank you for having Janes books published so quickly, as now I don’t have to worry about forgetting too much.
NP:  You know what, I totally can’t remember when they’re coming out. I know, that’s terrible, but I can’t. I don’t think they’re too far apart though . . . that said, I gotta write ‘em, first. ;-)

Me:  Will our little Jane ever bump into her mother?  Or at least learn a little more of her?
NP:  That is top secret, unfortunately. If I told you, I’d have to kill you. But I can say you’re going to find out some pretty drastic news in Book 3. 

Me:  Is there a small town that influenced the creation of Jane’s home town?  It sounds like a nice little town, if you’re on the right side of everyone’s thoughts.  I really enjoy all the sow related names are great.
NP:  Thanks! And the Old Sow is real. Once I discovered the whirlpool, Rockabill really fell into place for me. But I think small towns are the same the world over: They have huge benefits if, like you said, you’re on the inside. For outsiders, they can be a little hairy.

Me:  Just a little bit on you…
When did you start writing?  As you where growing up, did you always want to write?

NP:  I only really sat down to write fiction when I wrote Tempest Rising. But I’ve always loved writing, although I’d written very little creative stuff. That said, I did always have vague aspirations, although I’d gotten to the point, at the end of my PhD., when I really thought I’d never write fiction, ever. And then out came Jane, like magic! 

Me:  Jane’s first book, Tempest Rising was your first published book, correct?  Do you have any other half started books laying around you may pull out in the future or go back to?
NP:  Jane’s not just my first published book, she’s my first book, period. So nothing sitting on shelves. Except my graduate dissertation, which will never see the light of day. 

Me:  Are there any authors you felt inspired you, by reading their books or even in meeting them?
NP:  I’ve been really lucky in that I got the chance to live with Saul Bellow and his wife, Janis. Living with them I met really great writers, such as Philip Roth and Oliver Sacks. I learned from them that, even for the great literary authors, writing is ninety-five per cent work and five percent art. I think I first realized there’s no such thing as a muse, then, but I had to wait a few years to process what that really means, in terms of being a writer. Finally, I figured out that it means one needs three things to be a writer: 1) butt in chair, 2) a thick skin, and 3) never stop writing.

Me:  Any advice you may have for any aspiring authors?
NP:  I’d say to listen. I had to learn doing my all my academic work that criticism, while it can be painful, is necessary. One has to learn to take it on the chin and really learn to step back from one’s writing. If something isn’t working on the page, and someone points out that fact, it’s not a criticism about you as a person or your potential as a writer. It’s just a problem that, if it’s identified, can then be fixed. So learning to take critiques, however harsh, is the first step to real writing.

Me:  Who is on your bookshelves?  Maybe just a few of your favorites.
NP:  Iris Murdoch, Robertson Davies, Philip Roth, and Jean Rhys are some of my favorite writers. 

Me:  What are you currently reading now?
NP:  At the moment I’m reading Kevin Hearne’s new UF that’s coming out, so I can blurb it. Exciting!

Me:  What helps bring the muse to life for you, or does she never really go to sleep?
NP:  I don’t believe in a muse, really, as that implies that I’m not in control of my writing. I find that the more I’m thinking about Jane’s world the more creative I become. Immersing myself in Jane and her friends really makes me feel creative.

Me:  What was your favorite scene to write so far?
NP:  Hmmm . . . I think one of my favorite scenes to write is in Tracking the Tempest, which is a scene between Grizzie, her hairdresser, and Jane. I had an absolute ball writing the hairdresser.

Me:  What was the most difficult scene to write so far?
NP:  I’m always nervous writing fight scenes or action scenes. I feel confident with dialogue and stuff, but I’m always nervous writing action scenes. I’m more of a lover than a fighter, myself, and I’m always nervous that’s going to show through in my writing.

Me:  It seems you have done a fair amount of traveling, but just curious… If you could go any where in the world where would you go?

NP:  I love traveling, I really do. But right now I just want to go back to my own bed and curl up in a ball, to be honest. I think I’m overdoing it a bit, this summer. ;-) Travel is lovely, but so is going home.

Thank you for stopping by Nicole.  I would like to wish you the best of luck... in words and pages.

Now, time to keep an eye out for Tempest's Legacy - January 1, 2011!


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Nicole has some vlog readings for Tracking the Tempest.  She was doing a count down three months before release date.  Nicole really has a lot of fun with these vlogs, I hope you enjoy them too.  Here are the links if you would like to get a sneak peek into the book coming out today:
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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time for the Giveaway!!!

Nicole is gracious enough to give away a copy of her new release Tracking the Tempest!

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  3. As a academic and news writer, I really dig the idea of Nicole not having a muse. As much as I appreciate the idea that there's some mystical force at work when you write, it also removes the idea that it's your work that can be improved upon, or that you're solely responsible for what happens on the page. And her advice to new writers is right on - learn to improve and take edits on the chin, or you'll never survive the criticism from editors (and readers, for that matter).

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  4. I loved reading your interview! No need to enter me in the contest. I just learned it is not good to start a Jane True book at 9pm at night when you have an 8am exam. I NEEDED coffee this morning to kick start my brain. (I'm not done, but I am 200 pages in).

    Yay for wonderful new authors! Myself and my fiance (yep, he had to read the first one after I read the bookstore quote about polishing cutlasses to him) are really enjoying Jane's story so I'm glad the releases aren't going to be really far apart either.

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  6. I really can't wait to read the series. It's going to be great.

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  7. Excellent interview! Love Nicole, and the cover of book 3 is awesome! No need to enter me as I just received my copy yesterday, but wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your interview! Great job! :)

  8. I adored Tempest Rising and I'm really looking forward to reading Tracking the Tempest.

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  13. Great interview! you have some really interesting questions here. I didn't realize that this was Peeler's very first attempt at writing a book. That's pretty impressive. And although I didn't love Tracking the Tempest I still look forward to seeing where the series heads. Particularly that surprise waiting in book three.

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  15. Great interview. I'm so excited to see the cover for the newest addition!

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  17. If the books are as cool as the cover art there going to be some cool books.
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  22. These books sound good. I love the cover art.

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