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Book Blog Chat...Mind Games, Stop 1

Time to start Discussing!!  Books that is...

Mind Games By Carolyn Crane

is our first book discussion.  And I think we have a great one here.

So how is this going to work you ask.  We have some breaking points, which Carolyn was kind enough to help us with.  (Thank you Carolyn.)  Carolyn was kind enough to also suggest a few questions at each point and after reading the sections Robyn from The Bookoholic Zone and I have come up with many more thoughts too. 

Our Schedule:
     Thursday July 29th:  stop 1, page 125
     Thursday August 5th:  stop 2, page 251
     Thursday August 12th:  the end of the book

You are welcome to come back to this thread at ANY TIME.  Even if you don't get to reading the book until next week, next month, when ever.  It will be here.

Do keep in mind, if you have not read the book yet... there WILL BE SPOILERS here.

Today is July 29th.  Time to start in on the discussions...
Let's start with Carolyn's great thought provoking questions, as I think the answers may lead into the questions Robyn and I have as well:
~ Does Justine have a right to be angry with Packard?  Was it a less than honest way to get into the business, being she was going to quit...
~ Does a person have a right to interfere with another person's life if they think it's going to save their life?

Now the questions Robyn and I have constructed:
~ Who is really Nemesis?  Do we believe it to be Henji?
~ Packard seems to have stirred up quite a bit of thoughts and questions...
      Was Packard right in doing what he did?  What do you think would have happened if he told her in the first place?  Would she have said no?  Why is Packard fast-tracking Justine's training?  With Packard being stuck in the restaurant like he is, how does he find out about the clients they are to work on? How does he get a read on them to know what person can disillusion them? He is the only one who can sense this and set it up, but he can never leave the restaurant.
~ Simon's jealousy of Justine.  Do you think it will effect the storyline in some way?  Could he turn against her for some reason?  Where do you think the jealousy stem from?
~ How do you think Cubby and her will end it?  Will he find out the truth?
~ The young woman Rickie... How is she connected with Packard?  In order to be trapped in her apartment just like Packard is in the restaurant.
~ Will Justine ever come to break free from Packard or will she come to accept him?

Any thoughts on other characters thus far in the book; Cubby, Chief Otto Sanchez, Shelby, or any of the other Disillusionists.


  1. Hey everyone!!! I can't wait to discuss.

    Let's hear your thoughts.

  2. Well, I think I will start off on a few things... :) (I have lots on thoughts.)

    I think Justine does have a right to be angry w/Packard. He didn't tell her everything up front. I think I would be upset, rather upset. But I can see both sides of the coin here. I can see Packards reasons. But I wouldn't want someone interfering in my life with out me knowing all the options.

    Which brings me to the next question... do others have the right to interfere, even if they think its for the good. This is a tough question. Each person does have their own mind and thoughts on how they should live, and if they are not hurting anyone else and with in the laws... hmmm...

  3. Oh, I have to mention that I am suspicious about Chief Otto Sanchez. Justine just seems so taken by him, in just pictures and on tv. She has never met this person. I wonder if he is a highcap himself, one that can some how attracts the likes of people or something. I even wonder if Otto is Henji or a minion of Henji's...

  4. I definitely think she should be upset with Packard but I can also see why he did it. I can't help but wonder what she would have said had she said yes if he told her the first time.

    I really think it depends on the situation when it comes to interfering. That's where it makes it a tough question.

    I'm wondering about Otto also. I have a feeling we'll meet him.

    I'll write more when I get home from work :).

  5. I know Henji is the one who put Packard in the restaurant, and I think it has to do with all the crime starting. As it seems Packard was the one to help keep the crime to a minimual when he was leader of his gang. And I can see the connection to the crime. But I don't see the connection with Rickie yet. I am really curious to see what happens. I even wonder if there are others that suffer from the same thing, being trapped in a place.

    I wonder if this has something to do with the fact that they have Highcap powers. It seems Rickie is powerful. And I wonder if that may be the connection...they are the ones who could stop Nemesis from his plans.

  6. I'm wondering if we met Henji already yet but just don't know it. The question is, who? It obviously can't be anyone that works for Packard.

    I have a feeling we haven't seen the last of Rickie.

    Going back to Henji. I feel like he's not nemesis. It almost seems too easy to be him. Maybe it's Cubby, haha...kidding...

    Now Simon. I want to know more about him. I have a bad feeling about him. Maybe he's working behind the scenes for Nemesis.

  7. Aaahhh, Simon... I do think there is something there. I am just not sure yet what it is. We really haven't seen much of Simon yet to get much of a feel for him. I think there is more than jealousy here, but just not sure as to what it is yet.

    And I do think he is going to create quite a ruckus here in the story for Justine. He seems to like that and thrive on it. :) He is the one for gambling.

  8. I know. She better watch out for him. He's definitely going to be trouble.

    I'm wondering if Justine will find a way to Nemesis and free Packard.......or will that be the next book, lol.

  9. Let's talk about Chief Otto today. Do we think he'll play a bigger role in the book? Or will we only hear about him through Justine?

  10. Sorry Robyn. I got busy at work then my husband had the idea to go out to dinner and to the drive in Friday night. It was fun family time. Which then sent today (Saturday) into crazy day. :)

    But, Chief Otto... I don't know if we will really meet him per say. I would like to at some point though. I think it is a great possibility for him to have a greater role to play in the book. But, mostly at this time, we may only hear about him through the tv and news. What do you think?

  11. I have a feeling he'll make an appearance. Even if it's only for a cameo.

    We have to see him. We keep hearing about him. I want to meet the man, haha.

  12. Hi Melissa.
    I miss Drive-In theaters. A handful of years ago the last one closed on the island I live.

    Chief Otto and his beret. LOL!

    I really enjoy the usage of comic terms like nemesis.

    Simon- is very interesting and I am looking forward to more on him. His quick aversion to Justine certainly peeks my curiosity.

    As for Packard- i cant help but LOVE him. Would i be upset? Yes. Would i trust him? Maybe after some caution. Does he deserve a 2nd chance? Yes. To be honest Justine is so much more likable after her first zing. In the beginning of the novel she was neurotic and I was worried I wouldnt like her if I kept reading. Now when she gets neurotic inbtwn zings it adds to her character and does not kill it. Another truth, Packard immediately drew my attention. The connection they have instantly while her bf is right there- I knew something interesting was coming.

  13. Hi Chasity! I am so glad you joined us. :)

    I enjoyed the use of the term nemesis as well. At first it through me off a little bit, as it's not a term used much in books any more. But I really like it, as it makes it seem like he is really, really bad.

    Simon is quite a treat. I look forward to see where his character goes as well.

    My eyes where caught by Packard at the first meeting of Packard when he comes to make sure everything was okay at the table when Justine was confronting the man who stole from her father. I loved him at the bar when she was paying the bill.

    I don't know much about Cubby, and he doesn't seem like a bad person. But I so love Packard already. I want Justine and Packard together, but I have a feeling it may take a while. If even in this book. But, I think Packards heart was in the right place for Justine.

  14. I have a feeling Cubby will be out of the picture soon. I wonder if she'll break it off with him or he will.


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