Friday, July 23, 2010

Are you a Fan of Urban Fantasy? What about a Blog Book Club?

Are you a fan of Urban Fantasy?  

Well, Robyn over at The Bookoholic Zone and I are and thought we would try something new.

What about a blog book club?  

We'll have posts that you can come back to and discuss throughout the week.  One week we'll discuss it at my blog and the next over at hers.  Even if you read the book you can join in on our discussions.

We're starting with Mind Games by Carolyn Crane.  Please remember, even if you have read the book, Please join us.

Mind Games is a book of 371 pages.  We are going to break it down to three separate discussions, flip-flopped between Robyn's blog and here at mine. The stopping points, if you choose to stop as you don't have to but these are what the discussion is based on, are pages 125, 251, and the end.  We have received a few great discussion ideas from the author, but we are not limited to discussing just these, we can discuss anything that comes up in the comments you would like to touch on.  We are looking to post these discussions on Thursdays, but you can comment at any time you would like.  Read at your own pace as the posts will be here when you are ready.  Keep you eye out for the next post.

We'll be starting with an introduction post so everyone can get to know each other.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me or Robyn.


  1. This sounds like a fun idea and if I can get a hold of the book I would love to participate. When will you be starting?

  2. Hi Simcha! We are hoping to put up the first post at the end of next week, but you can stop by at any time and discuss it. Then going to the second section a week later. We were trying to break it out into a weekly thing, that way it wouldn't feel so rushed. But anyone can come to the discussions at any time. It would be great to have you stop by if you are able to. :)

  3. Great idea girls! I'll probably join in on your next book since I couldn't get this one. Have fun!

  4. Hey Michelle! Great to hear from you. :) I got your email as well. Looking forward to getting the next one. :) We are trying this out to see what happens. Hope you can join us for the next one.


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