Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Favorite Fictional Character (22)

A weekly meme thanks to the creative mind of Ryan at Wordsmithonia.

My character this week is a woman who carries the burden of her family's heritage with her and on her at all times.  She also knows at some point she will be left by her demon tattoos to live on her daughter and she will be killed by an enemy without their protection.

The character I have picked for this week is Maxine Kiss of the Kiss Hunter series by Marjorie M. Liu.  In picking Maxine as my favorite character I am also getting extra characters with her.  As Maxine comes with the burden of the heavy tattoos, they look like tattoos but they are the demons who sleep during the day and hunt at night.  Even though they sound mean and vicious because they can eat anything from glass to steel to blood, but they love teddy bear heads.  And their bodies are so sharp just a touch could cut you, however they don't hurt Maxine or her boyfriend Grant (who is a great character himself - with a great power we are learning about in the books). 

The Boys as Maxine calls them are beasts themselves.  There are two how prowl through the shadows and two who wrap around her neck and sing in her ear to communicate to her.  These boys will do anything they can to protect Maxine.  During the day the tattoos are an armor to protect from any harm and at night they stay at her side waiting to help at any instant.

Maxine is one to hunt zombies, demons who take over a human body.  She expells the demons from the bodies to save the human.  Maxine is a strong character who tries to live on her own to not bring harm to others and should move around the world to help in as many places as she can.  But, Maxine is a little different and has started to get attached - maybe unknowingly - to Grant and the homeless he helps at his homeless shelter.

I have enjoyed reading of Maxine in the first two books - Iron Hunt and Darkness Calls - along with a short story in the anthology Inked.  I am looking forward to book three - A Wild Light - coming out August 27, 2010.


  1. No, don't do this to me. I've been thinking about this series for some time now. Granted her great tats just make me want to see what this character is all about. Now you are 'forcing' me to revisit this series. ;) Seriously, I really do need to put this on my teetering tbr pile. :D

  2. Melissa - :D So glad to make your day. :D We seem to have the same taste in books, give or take a book or two, so I think you may enjoy this series. I have really enjoyed it, and I just love the boys. They don't really talk much but they seem to me to have a lot of personality to them in the books. Almost like amazing pets. Hope you enjoy it ;)

  3. i have been tinkering with the idea of a character profile on my blog, featuring characters from time to time. May have to do just that.
    Thanks for the idea, I will be passing on Maxine even though I like the tats. I try to avoid the Urban Fantasy at this point of my reading 'career.'

  4. I've heard a lot of good things about this series and the character. Thanks for the profile, it makes me want to find out for myself.

  5. Wow... These covers are amazing. Your description is amazing=)

  6. I bought the first book ages ago. Maybe I should start reading it :). It does sound good.

  7. Tyson - I really like doing these of characters. We touch on everything from books to tv shows, cartoons and into movies and graphic novels. It is really fun to share all these. I hope you do a meme like this. I would like to see your picks. No problem passing on Maxine here. I have been bouncing back and forth with my favorite Fantasy and with Urban Fantasy.

  8. Ryan - :) Glad it was a good profile for the character and the series. If you try it out I hope you enjoy the reads.

    Chasity - :) Thank you! Glad you love the covers and the descriptions.

    Robsad - Hi!!! :) You seem to read pretty quickly, you may be able to get through these books fast. You may enjoy them. :) Glad to hear the description sounded good. I never know when I do these if they come out sounding good or not. And I try not to make them too long. Thanks!

  9. Great pick! I've had the first book sitting in my TBR pile but haven't gotten to it yet, and now you make me want to go grab it right now! Your posts are dangerous for me to read, as you tempt me with so many good books! *L*

  10. Alexia - Thank you. :) You are too kind. I am glad you think so highly of my posts and I am able to get your attention with them. :) I think you will enjoy this series when you get to it.


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