Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Am I Doing Something Wrong?

Please don't laugh at me.  I am having troubles with the new response programs some of you are using.  Can you help me figure out what I am doing wrong?

I am a blogger that when I leave a comment I like to click the little box to email me comments.  Call me crazy, go ahead. :) I know, many of you respond to every comment on your blog, and if you don't that is okay too because other people comment and I like reading their thoughts on the books and miscellaneous stuff too.  I read the other replies and sometimes I will come back for another comment.  But I like reading everyones thoughts.

Now to my confusion...

Many bloggers are trying out a new commenting system.  This is very nice and neat.  I like it.  BUT, I can't seem to get it to work for me with getting the replies emailed to me.  SO, I don't know if you are replying to my comment without revisiting every site again.  I got spoiled with getting it in my email.

When I leave a comment I fill in all the squares: my blog url, my name, and my email address.  On the drop down box I have tried selecting both the options: Replies and All New Comments.  Then click Submit.  I get the email to activate IntenseDebate and click to do so every time.

Then nothing.

I think I may be missing something and wanted to ask for your help.  What am I doing wrong?  Or not doing?


  1. The commenting system within blogger or something else? I think that blogger sometimes has a hard time with things that aren't specifically designed for it. I've used things and it works and then suddenly doesn't. Often it is a upgrade on one thing or another and has to be reconfigured. I'm sure I didn't help any... *sigh*

  2. Melissa - There is the new commenting system a few bloggers are using Intense Debate. I was leaving comments and not getting the replies they left as an email. But, Thanks to Jackie @ it seems to be working now. I wasn't signed in to the Intense Debate to get the replies. Actually I never signed up to be a member. Now I am. And it seems to be working now.

  3. Great review, not my cup of tea but a great review all the same.

  4. Haven't seen Intense Debate, but like you, I like getting follow up comments via email. Will try to remember to sign up if I see any bloggers using it. Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Tyson - Thank you for liking the review and stopping by.

    Alexia - You're welcome for the heads up. I was confused but now I think I am straightened out. ;) Hope it helps you.


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