Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday's Beginnings (32)

So, here we are again... Monday!

First I just want to say, I hope you all had a great Easter Weekend, if you celebrate, and if not - I hope you had a wonderful weekend too!  We had a great weekend here with visiting family and a wedding too.  The weather was amazing for this early in April.  I am really loving it!

Now, how are you faring in reading at the beginning of this week?  Are you starting a new book for the week or finishing one up?

I am still bouncing around through books.  I still have Before They Are Hanged by Joe Abercrombie, for a book discussion with a great friend.  I still have Strange Brew in the works, as it is an anthology and I just read a few stories here and there.  And now I am also adding in The Poison Throne by Celine Kiernan.  I am hoping to have a busy reading week.  Don't know if I will get any reviews up this week, as they are all longer reads.

I did get my review up for Dead, Undead, or Something in Between by J.A. Saare.  If you would like to read my review it is here.

My Wishing List... it is still growing, thanks to all of you great people.  I have added two new books to the list.  The wonderful authors out there in the world are going to be happy to hear you are all doing them great justice.  And with adding books to the list is the getting of books addiction as well.

Books I have received in the mail:
I received The Last Track By Sam Hilliard as an ARC from Goodreads.  I entered to win this read and guess what... I DID!  Here is the summary from Goodreads:

Imagine if being late meant a child disappeared forever. That is the fear that drives Mike Brody: the man you want, when the one you love is missing.

Mike is more than just a master tracker. An ex-Special Forces operative, Smoke jumper, and now extreme adventure tour guide, he also possesses a unique ability to tap into the memory and emotional state of those he pursues.

In The Last Track, a police detective recruits Mike to help find an asthmatic boy lost in the dense woods surrounding a dude ranch in Montana. An unwitting murder witness, the boy burrows ever deeper into the rugged terrain, fearful of being found. As Mike and a local officer search for the boy, the killer follows them. While the investigation expands, his ex-wife, a well-connected journalist, uses her contacts to unravel the truth behind the murder.

Her discoveries threaten to snare them all in a treacherous conspiracy . . .
White Cat By Holly Black was a win for me from Melissa @ Books and Things.  Thank you Melissa!  This one looked good to me.  Here is the summary from Goodreads:
Cassel comes from a family of curse workers -- people who have the power to change your emotions, your memories, your luck, by the slightest touch of their hands. And since curse work is illegal, they're all mobsters, or con artists. Except for Cassel. He hasn't got the magic touch, so he's an outsider, the straight kid in a crooked family. You just have to ignore one small detail -- he killed his best friend, Lila, three years ago.

Ever since, Cassel has carefully built up a façade of normalcy, blending into the crowd. But his façade starts crumbling when he starts sleepwalking, propelled into the night by terrifying dreams about a white cat that wants to tell him something. He's noticing other disturbing things, too, including the strange behavior of his two brothers. They are keeping secrets from him, caught up in a mysterious plot. As Cassel begins to suspect he's part of a huge con game, he also wonders what really happened to Lila. Could she still be alive? To find that out, Cassel will have to out-con the conmen.

Holly Black has created a gripping tale of mobsters and dark magic where a single touch can bring love -- or death -- and your dreams might be more real than your memories.
Now this brings us to my purchase of the week:
I have had my eye on this book, and am now reading it.  Barnes and Nobles has it as a feature for the month of April.  Here is the summary from the back of the book:
At the heart of the kingdom lies a secret.
A secret so deadly it could tear the realm in two.
Only Wynter Moorehawke can uncover the truth.
When young Winter Moorehawke returns to court with her dying father, she finds her old home shadowed with fear.  The king has become a violent despot, terrorizing those he once loved.  His son and heir Alberon has fled into exile and now there are whispers everywhere of rebellion.  Meanwhile, Alberon's half-brother Razi has been elevated to his throne.  He struggles to meet his King's demands while remaining loyal to his beloved brother and to his friend Wynter.
Now she must choose - her father or her dreams, her friend or her king, her duty or her love.
I have not got much reading done today, yet.  I am hoping to get some reading done here before bed tonight.
So, now to you... How are you faring this week so far?  Does it look like a good reading week for you?  Here is to hoping you have a great week in words and pages.


  1. Here there was a 4 day holiday, and it's a pretty important one, so there were a lot of parties. :)
    Anyway, yesterday I read Dark Life, which I enjoyed but after that I don't know what to read. I have too many books to choose from!
    BTW, I have White Cat in my wishlist. How lucky you are!

  2. I haven't done a Monday post because it would pretty much be the same as last week, lol. Still working on Shadow of the King but it's not really holding my attentionm I'm sad to say. I started GGK's Under Heaven and am working on Malinda Lo's Ash, which I am liking very much. Haven't received anything in the mail either, though I have a shipment I know is due from Chapters and just ordered the one Guy Gavriel Kay book I didn't have, The Last Light of the Sun, from Better World Books.

    I should be getting White Cat soon too...we can compare notes :-) Hope your week goes as planned!

  3. Talking about growing Wishlist/TBR List... I just added two: White Cat and The Poison Throne!

    The Poison Throne has really peaked my interest!=)

    Enjoy your reads!!

  4. Great list of new books! I'm getting ready to start on one for a blog tour and I'm wanting to get some fun reading in as well. Have a great week this week.

  5. I'm still inching through the same pile of books from last week though I'm determined to make some real headway this week. The Poison Throne does look really good and I've added it to my list as well.

  6. I'm glad you got the book! Hope you enjoy reading it. Looks like you got a few good books! :)

  7. Spav - Glad you stopped by! Oh, a four day weekend with lots of parties would be nice. :) I will be looking for your review on Dark Life. I am looking forward to White Cat, I hope you like it when you get it. :) Have a great week!

    Jackie - Wow, you have a lot on the way. That sounds like a great monday post! Sorry to hear Shadow of the King isn't holding your interest very well. We will have to compare on White Cat when we get there. :) Have a great week!

    Chasity - :D Glad you like the sounds of these books. I didn't even do the reviews yet. LOL! I hope you enjoy them! Have a great week!

    Ryan - Glad you liked the new books. I am curious to see what book you are doing for a book tour. I hope you enjoy it. :) You have a great week as well!

    Simcha - I keep adding to the pile faster than I am reading. :D I don't know what to do. I have to quit buying books so I can get through the reading. But these amazing authors are coming out with some amazing books. :)

    Melissa - White Cat has caught a few eyes here. I am curious about it. Thank you! Have a great week!


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