Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Tuesday Teaser (21)

Teaser Tuesday

is a weekly event.

Sponsored by MizB of Should be Reading.

Here's how it works:
Grab the book you are currently reading (anything at all)
Open the book to any random page.
Share 2 "teaser" sentences from anywhere on the page.
Please Make Sure They Are Not Spoilers!
(Don't Give Too Much Away)
Just enough to pique our interests.

List the book and author so other participants can get their hand on it if they choose to read it as well.

This week:
"Necromancers don't have it easy. We can see the dead, communicate with the dead, and in some cases, we can control the dead. That's a very dangerous ability when you live in a world where dead things co-exist among the living."
Dead, Undead, or Somewhere in Between
By J.A. Saare


  1. This definitely sounds interesting! Thanks for sharing the quote :-)

  2. You are a tease!! LMBO!
    This does pique my interest! You are so right! =)
    Hope all is going well with you honey!

  3. This looks like a good read - wonder if the necromancers are similar to the ones in the Anita Blake series?

  4. This sounds creepy, but we'll have to wait for your review just to be sure. :)

    I've got an award for you on my blog, make sure you claim it!


  5. Jackie - I enjoyed reading this part of the book. It was rather interesting. Hope you liked it. :)

    Cecile - Hey! All is going well. :) Try to tease as best we can. ;) Glad this caught your eye. I will have the review up in the next day or two.

    Sweet Vernal Zephyr - I'm not sure if they are the same as Anita Blake's series. I have not read the series yet. If so I may have to get that series sooner than later. :)

    Nikola - Thank you! I'll stop by for the award. :) The book isn't that creepy, I really enjoyed it. Should have the review up in the next day or two. Thank you for stopping by!

  6. Oooooh, I need to read this one. Cool teaser:)

    Oh, I also have an award for you...it will be up in just a little bit. I'm typing the post now:)

  7. Moonsanity - I think you would really enjoy this book. I just finished it, so I am hoping to get the review up tomorrow. I will stop by for the award, thank you! :)


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