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Book Review: The Emerald Storm

The Emerald Storm

By:  Michael J. Sullivan

Publisher:  Ridan Publishing

Publish Date:  April 2010

Genre:  Fantasy

Format:  pdf ARC

Series:  4th in Riyria Revelation (If you would like to read my reviews of the first 3 books they are and in this order:  The Crown Conspiracy, Avempartha, Nyphron Rising)

Recommendation:  YES!!  If you enjoy fantasy reads with magic, conspiracy, thieves, and other creatures I would start at the beginning of the series and enjoy every step along the way.

Book Synopsis:

Ex-mercenary Hadrian Blackwater sets course on a high seas adventure to find the lost Heir of Novron.  His only hope lies in confronting the ruthless and cunning Merrick Maruis.  Fearing Hadrian is not up to the challenge, Royce Melborn joins his ex-partner for one last mission.  Their journey finds them adrift amid treachery and betrayals forcing Hadrian to face a past he hoped never to see again.

First Sentence:
Merrick Marius fitted a bolt into the small crossbow before slipping the weapon beneath the folds of his cloak.

My Review and Summary:
Michael has outdone himself, again.  With each book I am amazed at how the story has grown, and each book is better than the last - which were impressive in themselves.  Michael keeps raising the bar with each book.

The Emerald Storm starts shortly after Nyphron Rising's ending. The first chapter catches you up with happenings of the last three books, yet blends in many new happenings; an assassination plan, and a whole new set of issues now present in the change of seasons and rules.

Many old characters return, along with new characters who help grow the world.  In this book I have started to realize how much the characters have grown through the books thus far.  We also start to get more details on some of the characters to help place more pieces of the puzzle together.  We come across new creatures, like the Ghazel - goblins in the land of Calis.

We visit different areas of the world and learn more about the different races and creatures.  We go on a sea voyage, hike through the jungle, and fight a few battles - at sea and on land.  Not only does each section of the journey build for the end of the book giving more details of what is happening, but they have their own peckes and valleys to keep meturning the pages and had my heart racing at times all to find out what happens next.  This was a book I found very hard to put down.  There is a great combination of conspiracy, mystery of a missing person, and a little of magic mixed into this fantasy world.

New dangers are in the works for the world of Avryn.  New, threatening enemies and possible destruction come to the surface in this story.  But one always seems to remain and working closer to their goal... The Empire.

In the end Michael left me shocked and my jaw hanging open.  I enjoy when when an author can get a few twist and turns in on me I didn't foresee.  This book did not let me down, and actually exceeded my expectations on all levels.  I am left wanting to run out and buy Wintertide, but it's not out yet. 


I received a pdf ARC from the author for reading.

This book qualifies for the Speculated Fiction Challenge at Book Chick City.


  1. I can't ever find this book when I'm at the bookstore. Looks like I'll need to pick it up from Amazon or something instead.

    Good review!

  2. WonderBunny - I hope you get this series and enjoy it. I got mine on Amazon, but here is a link to the authors site where you can link to Amazon and info on his books.


    Here is a link to the authors blog as well. He had signed copies on sale there too.


  3. Once I get these books, Mel, we will have to talk about them! I really want these! Great Review :)

  4. Krista - We do have to talk on these when you get them. They are great reads and I could see us speculating on them a lot. They were quick reads for me, because I just can't put them down. lol. I hope you get them.

  5. I'm dying to read this series further. TCC was great and now I really just need to order the rest that are out. :)

    I admit, I only read the first and last paragraphs b/c I didn't want any spoilers since I'm so far behind. But great review (at least as far as I can say). :D

  6. Bryce - If you liked TCC you will enjoy every book thus far. Every read was better than the last for me, and I really enjoyed each book. :) I have done the same in reading a few reviews of series, so I don't ruin the series for me. I tried to keep this review spoiler free for everyone to catch up and to read this book and get the surprises and shocks I got. :) I can't wait to read what you think of the books as you go.

  7. Oh! I cant read your review - I am working my way through book 2 and starting three... :)

    Cover looks soooo good! :)

  8. I might wait until the whole series is out before I dive in. Sounds like the kind you want to read one after another. Thanks for the review.

  9. Sheila - I hope you are enjoying these books! I really liked book 2,but then loved book 3, now after book 4 I loved this one more. You will have to stop back and read the review when you are done with book 3. :)

    Melissa - This series is set to come out at six months apart from each other. This book is to come out in April, then there are 2 left to come out. You may enjoy these fantasy reads. :)

  10. I wish you people would stop writing about these great books. I'm about to have an avalanche in my library...LOL! This was a great review Mel. It sounds like you are very passionate about this series. I will put it on my list...very quietly. Don't want to trigger the avalanche...heehee!

  11. Michelle - LOL! I know the feeling. I have such a stack, and my poor cat keeps going over to it and it starts to wobble. He knocks it over from time to time too. lol. Thank you for the complement. I have really enjoyed this series. It seems to be on that sticks with me in my mind. Don't know why, but it does. Another series that sticks with me is Raymond Feist's too. I hope you enjoy it, if you read it. :)

  12. @ woderbunny Go to the author's website and get them signed for the same price. You won't be disappointed with the series.
    @ Melissa Another fine quality review. I can't wait for Wintertide, The E Storm was awesome.

  13. I agree with Michelle:) This sounds like a series I need to read, and I have too many books on my TBR list as it is. BAHAHAHAHA How can I resist a book that left you shocked?

  14. Thank you Tyson! I tried to not give to much of the story away here in the review. There are still so many people yet to start the series. They just don't know what they are missing out on. I am really excited for Wintertide to come out now.

    Moonsanity - I hope you get this series and enjoy it! I have to agree with everyone on the TBR pile. I am starting to get nervous over mine. I keep saying I'm not going to buy any more books until I get through some of these here. Ha! That does not work well. :) Hope you enjoy the series!


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