Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Favorite Fictional Character (20)

Favorite Fictional Character

A weekly meme thanks to the creative mind of Ryan of Wordsmithonia.

My Favorite Fictional Character this week is for a few reasons.  The first reason is I love this character is this is where I started reading a few years ago and the second is I have a soft spot for dragons.  Yes, you read that correctly, I said dragons.

My pick this week is named after the color of her scales, Saphira.  Do you see in the picture here how such a beautiful and strong creature she is?

Saphira is the young dragon of a young Eragon in the Inheritance Cycle (Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr, 4th book Untitled) by Christopher Paolini.

Apart from being a beast with physical strength and beauty she has a very strong personality.  Saphira has a strong belief in the way of right and wrong and the dragons world.  Even though she was not raised by dragons, or even with dragons around - being she is on of the last around.

When Eragon questions Saphira as to why she choose him to hatch for and be her rider, her response is because he is good and strong.  Saphira sees more in people than what they are trying to act as.  She has a strong sense of good and right.  Saphira becomes the rock to Eragon.

I saw the movie Eragon and since my son loved it so much we purchased the books.  When I got laid off from my job I picked them up to read and fell in love with reading.  I found my genre to read and loved the style.


  1. Reading this makes me want to pick up the series again. I read Eragon ages ago but never the next book, etc.

  2. I haven't read any in this series yet but loved the covers and have been interested. I didn't realize there was a movie, so I may start there, lol. Thanks for sharing with us :-)

  3. Great choice this week. She is one of my favorite dragon characters in any form of media.

  4. I love Saphira too! I hate to admit that I haven't finished Eragon...I put it down before I saw the movie and I haven't picked it up again. I am planning on finishing it this year though. Anyway, the movie was kind of lacking...the best part of the movie WAS Saphira! Great choice this week!

  5. Robsad - I really enjoyed Eragon and then we had the second so I just kept going. I really enjoyed to book too. Hard to believe the author was only 17 when he wrote it.

    Jackie - I saw the movie first, but I have to admit the book is sooo much better. I was more pleased with what I read and the ending of the book compared to the movie. But, it is a decent watch. Hope you enjoy! :)

    Ryan - Saphira did seem to keep a great part of herself in the movie. I loved they way they created her to look. And the books are just so much better.

    Michelle - You have to finish Eragon! The ending of the book is so much different and BETTER than the movie. I hope you enjoy it! :)

  6. I've heard great things about these books but I've never read them myself. I heard that Eragon was first self published and the author went from school to school selling them until they became successful and were eventually picked up by a publishing house. This story just stuck in my mind when I heard it.

  7. Dragons! Oh, I so agree!

    I only read the first book in Eragon, but need to restart it when my tbr list is more manageable. *laughter* ;)

  8. Simcha - I had heard that the author was self published. I didn't know he went to the schools selling them though. Interesting to learn. Always love learning new things. :)

    Melissa - I enjoyed the books, now I am waiting for the fourth and final book to come out. I'm afraid I will forget what the books are about and where we are in the story by the time it comes out. ;)

  9. Have read Eragon yet, but I have a soft spot for dragons as well. They're beautiful creatures, and Saphira sounds lovely. Great choice!

  10. Alexa - Dragons seem to be the way to go. All this talk about dragons and I want to find another dragon book to read. If you ever get to read Eragon, I hope you enjoy it.

  11. Wow.... Thank you for sharing. I have not read these books yet but they sounds so great reading your post!

    Saphira.... beautiful name!=)

  12. Chasity - I did really enjoy these books. And Eragon is chasing a lovely elf that I am waiting to see if she finally falls for him or not.


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