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It's Tuesday... Where are you (13)

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I am with Yeine in a magnificently looking library.  There are shelves all over and on the pillers as well.  It is amazing at all these books.  The books are shelved by the different languages of the different races of the kingdoms.  We where looking though the books on Yeines native language of Darren, about the Gods War and before the Gods War.  However, we have not found anything.  It does seem the priests have removed that information so we will only believe in the one God.  But, Yeine has just found a secreted area with portraits of the three gods.  These are stunning portraits of the gods, in more ways then one.

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms
By N.K. Jemisin


  1. I am really hoping I can get this one tomorrow :) CAn't wait! :)

  2. Oh I want to go to that library!

  3. Krista - I am really enjoying the book, so I think you will REALLY enjoy it as well! I hope your store has it and you get to dive it. I am having a hard time stopping. It is one of those books I think I could stay up all night reading.

    Zia - The library sounds amazing! I was thinking I would love to be there as I was reading it too.

  4. Id love to be in that library - so much better than the smoke filled 1940's nightclub in which I find myself.

  5. So it sounds like you're enjoying it. From what I recall, the library scene was pretty good. I've been meaning to go check out the Barnes and Nobles discussion.

  6. This sounds like a good book. will have to put it on my wish tbr.

  7. Petty Witter - The library sounds like a wonderous place, but sometimes a smokie 1940's nightclub would be neat to visit.:)

    Simcha - I am really enjoying this story so far. I am sorry you didn't enjoy it so much. I do get a Brandon Sanderson feel from it but I do see (so far) there is a different story here. I hope you get to stop by over at B&N we are just discussing the first 139 pages. And speculating on what could happen.

    Melissa - I am enjoying this fantasy read. I hope you enjoy it if you get it. :)

  8. I would love to see a library like that IRL... nice tease!

    Miranda ~ SweetVernal Zephyr

  9. I stopped by the B&N discussion yesterday. I didn't realize you discuss the book as you read, which I think is great, though I didn't feel comfortable joining in since the author was participating as well. It seems rather strange to me to to invite an author to a discussion of her book because I would imagine that readers might hold back from expressing their honest opinions if the author is right there. It would make more sense to have a question and answer session separately, after the discussion, such as they do on Goodreads. Unless it was a book that I loved, I wouldn't discuss it with the author right there.

  10. Miranda - The library does sound really nice. I would love to have one around here like that. :) Thank you for stopping by!

  11. Simcha - We usually discuss the books in pieces, or as we read, without the authors there. This is only the second author to be around when we do this. I have read a few books with the author visiting, which I really enjoyed the books too, but they really like to see what we where reading into what they are writing and what we are thinking may happen next.

    I am really enjoying the book. I do find that I keep comparing some of the styles and themes back to Brandon Sanderson in our discussions, but the story is different. And I thought it is kind of a complement to be compared with Sanderson, only because my comparisons (I hope) are good and I do love Sanderson's books so much.

    Usually having an author around may hold people back, but we seem to be mentioning a lot of the story and speculating on where it will go. There are a few questions on the book but nothing really that bad, but we seem to be really enjoying the book over all.

    I have noticed that if someone doesn't care for a book much, they mention it very nicely and move on. There really doesn't seem to be any major ripping sessions on books. Which is nice. I like honest feeling, but don't care for total destruction. Everyone feels differently about books or picks up something different in the book and I enjoy hearing all the thoughts. :) When we do this with another book without the author I will definitely let you know, even with the author too - just so you are aware of it.

    Glad to see you stopped by at B&N though! Hope to see over there in the future! :)

    (I hope this doesn't sound rough. I just like talking about the idea. Maybe this would be a good post idea for ideas from other readers: would you like to discuss a book with the author if you didn't care for or understand the book? What do you think?)

  12. Sometimes I don't like having the author around, I feel like I can't criticize the book or they will get upset. Plus lots of people aren't honest when the author is around so the discussion isn't good. I don't mind if they come in after though

  13. The difference is that Hundred Thousand just isn't as good as Warbreaker and the similarities between the two just make the weaknesses in the former more pronounced. While each of the characters in Warbreaker were unuque and memorable, the ones in Hundred Thousands Kingdoms seemed very generic. Characters like Nahadoth can be found in almost every PNR book and I didn't feel that Yeine was developed enough to get to know her at all.
    I don't usually rip books apart but if I have enough criticisms of the book I would uncomfortable bringing them up is I know the author is present. Though I saw some other discussions taking place at the B& N forum that I'd like to check out. I just know that if I stop by I will be there for a while so I need to go when I have plenty of time.
    This could be an interesting discussion question, though I'm not sure how many opportunities there actually are for readers to discuss books with authors. I know I wouldn't want to unless I really enjoyed the book.

  14. I do hope all is well. I know its only a week but it seems like such a long time with no post.

  15. Deb - You and Simcha make good points in the talk here about discussions with the authors. Thanks for joining and sharing with us!

    Simcha - Since I am only 193 pages into the book, I will have to think on your points as I work forward in the book. Thanks for the great points!

    Petty Witter - Thanks for asking :) I've been running with the kid last week, Wed. - Fri. and over the weekend too. But to top it off I was a little on the tired side and slightly under the weather. I went to the doctors and found, I have a sinus infection again. So I have been trying to rest when the moment is there. Thanks for asking, I appreciate it.


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