Thursday, March 25, 2010

A Change...

Yes, you are all in the correct place. :)  I am trying out a new look here at My words and pages.

I am not sure if I like it yet.  The last layout was not fitting together properly on my screen, so I was afraid others where having the same problem.

I liked my waterfalls and green look, but I could not find a layout with that look to it.  I think I like the layout of the template but not sure about the colors and such.  I may end up changing back or to something else all together.

But, please, if you are having any troubles with comments or links here - let me know.  In transfering over it is aways possible to get a little mixed up.  As, I am not so good with the computer setups. :)

Thank you all for your patience.



  1. So far I think you're onto something!!! It's looking great!

  2. Thank you Jen! :) I'm hoping there aren't to many bugs to work out.

  3. Works fine for me...

    jackie b central texas

  4. It looks good. As you can see by my blog, I like simple and I don't do much with the graphics stuff. I get my picture and the background to mix but that is about it.

  5. Jacabur - Thank you! Glad it seems to be working.

    WonderBunny - I try not to do to much, but I was hoping to find a waterfall for at least in my header. But I couldn't find anything with that look. Thank you!

  6. Looks good, everything is easy on the eyes. Like that, a lot. :)

  7. Thank you Donna. That was one of the first things I noticed on this too, it seemed easier to read. Thank you!

  8. I like it...I can read it better, but I do understand wanting the pic that you do like.

  9. love the new look hon... i liked the old one too.. lol! but i can read your post a little better now.

    i hope you are having a great day!

  10. Michelle (Red Headed Book Child) - Thank you! Glad you like it.

    Michelle @ The True Book Addict - Thank you! I'm glad its looking good. :)

    Julie - One reason I wanted to change was to help with reading. It is a lot easier to read now. I was hoping to at least get a header with a waterfall in it. But oh well. Thank you!

    Cecile - HI! Glad you like the look. I don't have to work so hard to read it either. I had a great day today, busy at work, but good day. Hope your day went well! :) Have a great weekend.

  11. Hey, how can a Melissa have a bad looking blog? :D Seriously, it does look good.

  12. Melissa - :D Thank you! I'm glad everyone is thinking it looks good. I appreciate everyone stopping by. :)

  13. IMO, I like them both and I have not had any problems.

  14. Hi Ck! I'm glad you like them both. :) And so far I think I did okay with avoiding the troubles. Thank you!


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