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Audio Book Review: Hidden Deception

Hidden Deception

By:  Colleen Helme

Publish Date:  August 12, 2016, Audiobook August 11, 2016

Format:  Audiobook - 9 hrs 3 mins
Narrated By:  Wendy Tremont King

Genre:  Mystery

Series:  9th in Shelby Nichols series; Book 1 ~ Carrots, Book 2 ~ Fast Money, Book 8 ~ Devious Minds

Impression:  Not only does Uncle Joey has troubles he needs Shelby's help with, but she finds her own troubles too.

Book 9 in the Shelby Nichols Adventure Series
Just back from Paris, Shelby barely has time to get over her jet lag before she is right back in the thick of things. Uncle Joey, the local mob boss, needs her help to find out what his son is hiding from him. Detective Harris, AKA Dimples, has an unsolved homicide on his hands, along with a missing engagement ring. Shelby's husband, Chris, just got promoted to partner in his law firm, and she has yet to see his new office or meet his new secretary. Add to that the opportunity to purchase a beautiful home, and Shelby is racing from one thing to the next while trying to keep them all straight.

When a courier in Uncle Joey’s organization turns up dead, it’s up to Shelby and her mind-reading powers to find out who killed him and why. The house Shelby wants to buy has a few problems that go beyond the building code, and the murder she’s helping Dimples solve has ties to Chris’ law firm. Even using all of her skills, Shelby finds one hidden deception after another. And if she’s not careful, it might be the one she least expects that will kill her.

First Sentence:
Today began like any other Monday.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*This audiobook was proved by the author, publisher, or narrator for an honest review at my request.

Shelby starts Monday like any other, after returning from an adventure of a lifetime in Paris on Friday. Life picks up like nothing happened except she owes Uncle Joey, yet again, for sending Ramos to keep and eye on her, and save her.

Chris is now partner of the law firm and received a raise. With the raise Chris has set up an appointment to look at the house Shelby's admired. It could be possible to purchase her dream home. Touring the house Shelby falls further in love, until she comes out side. At a hidden part of foundation that's crumbled, she hears a kid crying. A dead child? Now Shelby is determined to find out what happened.

Joey's next job for Shelby, to go see his son Miguel at school. Miguel's not telling Joey anything but he has the feeling something is wrong. Joey wants Shelby to go have lunch with Miguel and listen to him and all around him, to make sure no one's bullying him or a prejudice from teachers. And, after seeing a dead employee of Uncle Joey's at his shop, to listen in on a meeting with the Russians.

Wendy returns for the ninth installment of Shelby's adventures. She is wonderful at the feel of Shelby. We really get a feel for her emotions with her thoughts. She makes me smile listening to Shelby's easy thoughts. Wendy does make slight differences for different characters as we go, which helps make them easier to differentiated with their personalities. Wendy gets to voice a Russian accent for this story.

Shelby is busy as ever with all that's greeting her this week. Visiting with Miguel, homicide case with Dimples, The Russians and missing diamonds, looking at a possible new house, and the dead child's cries. Wow can a day fill up fast! Oh and the dangerous troubles Shelby finds herself in. And this book is thanks to Uncle Joey and his use of Shelby and her ability with the Russians. But things get dangerous with Dimples too, when not expected.

There are many memories of all the troubles Shelby's been through. If you start with this book, they'll make you curious what fun troubles Shelby has found herself in. And you know it always had to be fun, if even scary for Shelby. Sure, you could start here as each book has it's own story to tell, and there are hints to the relationships with all the characters by now.

I just love Shelby. She's a light personality that's fun to listen to. She makes me smile with the goofy things she does or says to lighten the moment. I am also drooling over Ramos, Uncle Joey's guard, and Chris, Shelby's husband. Oh man. These two men are amazing! And as much as they are complete opposites, I see similarities in them too. *sigh*

I look forward to continuing stories with Shelby and all of the great cast of characters around here!

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  1. Oh crap, I really need to get around to book one soon.

  2. This sounds like a great cast of characters! Oh I can see that this is well done on audio.

  3. There's a Detective Dimples? Color me intrigued! And thank you for letting us know that we could start with this book instead of having to start at the beginning. That's always a little intimidating and has kept me from reading other series. Sounds like a fun series!

  4. I own book one on kindle, off to check out audios.


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