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Audio Book Review: Steampunk Is Dead

Steampunk Is Dead

By:  Harmon Cooper

Publish Date:  September 23, 2015, Audiobook Release June 2, 2017

Format:  Audiobook - 5 hrs 26 mins
Narrated By:  Jeff Hays

Genre:  Fantasy, Science Fiction, Steampunk

Series:  2nd in The Feedback Loop series; 1st Book ~ The Feedback Loop

Impression:  Fun in game story with action always present.

The exciting sequel to The Feedback Loop.

Adjusting to the real world isn't exactly easy for Quantum Hughes. Instead of focusing on his recovery, he takes an assignment alongside Frances Euphoria to a virtual entertainment dreamworld called Steam, in search of a Proxima Developer. True to his nature, Quantum acts out of turn, causing the entire world to turn against him. This gives him two options: return to The Loop for help, or try and hold his own. There is also the problem of the Reapers, who have appeared in Steam ready to hunt him down or worse, kill him.

The real world, The Loop, Steam -- three worlds with their own rules, their own enemies.

The thin line between dream and reality is pixilated.

First Sentence:
I try in vain to access my inventory list.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

I enjoy listening to Jeff. He really makes the story feel like a full cast of people. Jeff does extras as he's narrating to go with what the characters are doing. One example is a slightly different sound to the air when talking to someone on a phone. All these small extras and the voices creates a world and people for us. Jeff is not only talented in voice, but portraying emotions felt in these characters. Good grief does he make it lively and fun to listen too!

From the first paragraph we see that Quantum is struggling with living in the real world. He was in the digital world fighting for so long, that those habits have stuck. Living style and slang from the noir fantasy he was in are still what's fresh in his mind, so we still get the sassy one liners. Quantum seems to find a balance in his trigger happiness and jobs, though this doesn't happen right away. It's, actually, kind of brutal for all around him until he does. lol. But, eventually it seems like there is a balance, when he finally goes to one place where he feels at home.

Quantum still has his sense of humor with living people, though they don't seem to react as creative with him as the characters in the feedback loop do. He toys with people all the time. lol.

I was excited to get into this book. I enjoy steampunk! With Quantum's humor and view of things around him, I thought it'd be interesting to see him in a steam punk world. Seriously! The weapons that could be crafted here...imagination run wild with ideas for weapons... Is it terrible that I got excited when we got to a big weapons cache? lol.

Just like in video games, there is always trouble when you least expect it and from people you may not expect too. This, along with Quantum always attacking everyone, is what keeps the story moving with action.

I thoroughly enjoy the way these storylines are written in the gaming world. I know we are in a video type game, but Quantum and Frances interact as though they were associating with other people. The worlds are different but a pleasure to visit. It's like a treat when we get to dive into The Loop.

The title of the book. I'm shocked! It'll all make sense when you read/listen to the book. It's totally cool and the best title!

This story is a fun listen for me. It's full of action and off hand comments and sayings from Quantum. Quantum makes it fun with his trigger happy feel to kill anyone that tells him no or questions him and his snarky remarks.

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  1. Lol the title, but I have not seen much steampunk around lately to be honest

    1. I thought the same thing Blodueudd. I'll have to see if I can find more steampunk. But this title really has a meaning in the story, and it was so cool!

  2. Replies
    1. LilyElement, I've really been enjoying this series. This is the 2nd book, but it's well done and so much fun. I look forward to continuing. :)

  3. I'm with Blodeuedd. There hasn't been much steampunk lately...I think the genre is losing steam.

    1. Carole Rae, I know. It seems strange with the steampunk. I'm going to have to see if I can find some new ones to share about.

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    - El

    1. Hi El. Thanks for stopping by! Glad you like what you see here. I'll be stopping by your blog as well. :)

  5. Looks like fun. I love it when a title really fits the story. Plus you know you had me at snark. LOL

    1. lol. I was really impressed with this series, this being the second book. I really have had fun with it. :)


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