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Audio Book Review: Ghosts of Empire

Ghosts of Empire

By:  Terry Mixon

Publish Date:  December 13, 2015, Audiobook Release February 16, 2017

Format:  Audiobook - 10 hrs 12 mins
Narrated By:  Veronica Giguere

Genre:  Science Fiction

Series:  4th in The Empire of Bones series; 1st Book ~ Empire of Bones, 2nd Book ~ Veil of Shadows, 3rd Book ~ Command Decisions

Impression:  Wow. Fascinating story with characters we love.

When on deadly ground, fight!

Jared and Kelsey won the battle for Harrison’s World, but the enemy holds thousands of Fleet personnel prisoner. They must get their people back without revealing who they really are or the sentient AIs will eradicate the new Terran Empire.

Coordinator Olivia West sees and opportunity to free her people from Harrison’s World now that the AI that had crushed them under its heel was no more. To do that, she must outwit the Fleet officers holding the keys to her planet’s destruction.

But foes striking from the shadows will go to any length to derail their plans. Can the three of them settle their differences before the ghosts of the Old Empire return to haunt them all?

First Sentence:
"What the hell is that?" Princess Kelsey Bandar asked.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*I was voluntarily provided this review copy audiobook at no charge by the author, publisher and/or narrator.

Having planets under control of higher powers can be a feeding ground for conspiracies and resistances. Here on Harrison's World, we get both. And they know very well who their enemy is. Harrison's World holds knowledge Admiral Jared Mertz and Princess Kelsey Bandar need to continue their fight against the Rebel Empire. But, can they get their people free and make allies at the same time? Or will the conspiracies of the Rebel Empire go deeper than all expected?

Veronica is talented at keeping pace with the excitement of the story. When the events pick up pace and the heart of the characters is pumping, Veronica has the feel of the fast tension to her voice, drawing me into the rush of the moment. Yet, Veronica is crystal clear in speaking so I know exactly what she says. There are moments through the book that have an echoy sound to them. I'm not sure what this is or why, me or the recording, I'm not sure. I'm repeatedly wowed at Veronica's ability and beyond any talent to give a vast cast of characters their own voices and personalities.

With Terry's writing we have come to be very close to our characters here. We've slowly added new characters that I've grown attached to as well. Now we are adding more people to the mix. It sounds like a lot of people, but the way Terry adds them keeps them all individual and easy to get to know before adding more to the group. I love this as it does not stress me out. He introduces them in their 'home' environment and when they appear on the page it's in relation to who and where they are, even not spoken or written. This makes it very easy for me to remember who's who in this growing cast of characters.

We get the story from Kelsey and Jared's POV's like previous books. But we also get a new view here. Commander Sean Meyer is in a different spot and we get to see from where he's at. And Coordinator Olivia West, who has a special connection to things.

Oooooh this book. There is so much to learn! We start to learn details of the Rebel Empire and how it's set up with their lords and rulers. Very interesting. Just when I thought things could get boring, Terry surprises me and keeps me held fast to the book. Things could easily be repeated, but they aren't. What we learn and deal with at Harrison's World grows to new heights, unlike at Pantagar.

We see how two worlds collide with needs and desires to do more. There are items that both want, yet only one has and can have. There is also desires for more on the new world we are negotiating with, Harrison's World. These worlds are damaged and the people are angry. Different people want different things - revenge, freedom, power, and more. There are people who want to rebel against the Rebel Empire and others with plans of their own. All clash as Jared and Kelsey work to get their people freed from Harrison's World. Will they make a new ally or an enemy? Or come to even grounds? There is a different hierarchy here, and it's going to be difficult to get anywhere.

This book had me groping for all sorts of ideas on how things could turn out. Oh to see how the people of Harrison's World who want to rebel against the Empire have worked for what little they have in place, and to know where those items are. Wow. There is more in common with Jared and Kelsey with Olivia and her people, they just don't know it right away. I worried how this common ground could be destroyed before it's ever found because everyone's so worried about keeping things safe against the AI and their Rebel Empire.

The creation of the Rebel Empire and their treatment of the planets is a feeding ground for rebellions and conspiracies. People wanting to be free. People wanting to climb the power ladder. It's a crafty web people weave to get what they want, and the extents they will go to. I was worried and anxious for all our friends, old and new, hoping things would turn out as they get into tight spots. I'm always mesmerized at the craftiness of authors that create systems and conspiracies this deep and this believable. Amazing talent!

Battles in space and on land. Car chases and fights. Caring people with close relations to their crew.

Aside from all my rambling, I just love this spectacularly written story, characters, and world!

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  1. AH... I confess that sci-fi is a complicated genre for me

    1. Melliane, I can understand. But this series is amazing and so well done. I would highly recommend it to anyone. :)

  2. I can appreciate when an author adds in the characters at a nice pace instead of dumps 30 of them on you all at once lolol

    1. That's it LilyElement! And Terry makes it sooooo easy for us with knowing who the characters are. I was so impressed!

  3. Glad you liked it! Sounds okay overall.


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