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Audio Book Review: Infinite Magic

Infinite Magic

By:  Linsey Hall

Publish Date:  September 9, 2016, Audiobook Release October 24, 2016

Format:  Audiobook - 5 hrs 36 mins
Narrated By:  Laurel Schroeder

Genre:  Urban Fantasy

Series:  5th in Dragon's Gift: The Huntress series; Book 1 ~ Ancient Magic, Book 2 ~ Mirror Magic, Book 3 ~ Stolen Magic, Book 4 ~ Eternal Magic

Impression:  One arc concludes as another opens.

Things aren’t looking great for Cass Clereaux. For one, her greatest fear has come true. She’s stuck in the Prison for Magical Miscreants while her nemesis, Victor Orriodor, is out in the world, putting the last pieces of his plan into place. He’s wreaking havoc, all while she’s stuck in a stone box, awaiting likely execution.

Fortunately, Cass has just discovered that she’s the most powerful Magica in the world. She may have no control over her massive new power, but that won’t stop her from using it to break out of the world’s strongest supernatural prison. As for how she’s going to stop Victor when she gets out? She has no idea.

To have any hope at success, Cass will have to learn to control her magic and figure out exactly what he’s trying to accomplish. She’s going to need all the help she can get if she wants to survive, much less save the world. Luckily for her, she’s got Aidan Merrick and her sisters at her back, along with her allies in the League of FireSouls.

First Sentence:
Prison sucked.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review at my request.

In breaking out and helping a new friend, Cass realizes there could be other firesouls captured by Victor, and she'll make sure they are freed when she stops the evil monster known as Victor Orriodor.

Laurel is the voice of Cass and the story for me by now. I don't even spend time mentally grading her narration as we dive in. Laurel has proven she's worthy of the mic and the story. This is a great thing to have when you're a narrator. Laurel only enhances the story as we listen as she gives voice and emotion to the words of the characters.

We pick up exactly where the previous book ended. Cass is in prison at the Prison for Magical Miscreants. It's great that things pick up and run in the first chapter. We are well adverse in who the characters are by now and Linsey moves forward with the story, not wasting time reminding us of who everyone is. Awesome! I want to get to the story and go, and that's what she does. The author also is great about not adding extra scenes to prolong the story. She's to the point that moves the plot and characters along, which means the characters grow in their actions of each scene and event. Great use of time and words.

We meet Emile briefly in the end of the previous book, we get to see him more here. He's the new friend we meet, him and Ralph and Rufus, his little friends. We also get to see our close friends; Nix, Del, Aidan, Connor, and Claire as well. And we get to see those we've worked with or against as well. This story ties together everyone and many things for Cass.

We get lots of action here. Fighting physically and magically. Sweet! I so love the artifacts seen in the story. They are all we've seen in the previous books and why they are so important. We also see some new ones. We also get a bit of additional help from mythology related to the land. Very neat as it brings a bit more magic to the world and story.

I enjoy the way Linsey wrote this series. I could easily feel and relate the connections of what Cass does here with what she's learned through the previous books. Well planned out and connected. That makes it clear how much Cass has grown as a character from the beginning of the first book. So well done!

This book concludes the major story arc with Cass and the monster. We also see an opening to Del's story and her adventures next. And I look forward to see Del in her own adventures as she'll have a different view and adventure after how this book ends.

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  1. So glad you're really enjoying this series, and I kinda feel like I should check it out!

  2. I liked the first book in the series and plan to read on. Love the covers too!


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