Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Audio Book Review: Dead Red

Dead Red

By:  M.R. Forbes

Publish Date:  March 15, 2015, Audiobook Release July 7, 2015

Format:  Audiobook - 7 hrs 56 mins
Narrated By:  Jeff Hays

Genre:  Fantasy

Series:  2nd Book in Ghosts & Magic series; 1st Book ~ Dead of Night

First Impression:  Conor's scrounging, but finds the truth.

Conor Night, the world’s only surviving necromancer, is used to having bad days. After all, he’s spent the last few years as a minor pawn in the Game of Houses while keeping one foot planted firmly in the grave. But between the job offer he can’t refuse from a wizard he doesn’t trust, and the appearance of a cult bent on sending him to the afterlife, his days are about to get a whole lot worse.

He’s used to the threat of death. Death making threats? That’s new.

First Sentence:
I always tried to be quiet when I got back from a job.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast dot com, at my request.

Flat broke as Ms. Red broke her promise to Conor, he's on the scurry to find and purchase his drugs to stay alive. Finally, Conor finds a person, with help of a friend, to purchase from, but it doesn't end well. Another group has been searching for Conor, the longest living and practicing necromancer, to do a job. The boss of this group wants to use Conor to steal something, again, and play against the Houses. Conor feels the chase of Death as he works to earn money and the medicines he needs, and maybe even a way to earn time of invisibility to Death. Death's not willing to give up easily, even threatening his friends.

Jeff is back to voice Conor and all characters. As always I settle in for a great, entertaining listen. Jeff has no troubles acting out Conor and others as they fight through this world. Coughing, and all sorts of small extras are a pleasure to have added to their various voices. The dark laughter of the mask catches my ears with the feel Jeff adds to it for us, it feels like the darkness that it possess.

With this book, I know the term 'ghost' is meant as an assassin in the magical world. Not the ghost as in dead and a see-through, floating soul left behind.

Conor is still struggling for money and meds. He's got a score to settle as he wasn't paid from his last job, as promised. This leaves him scrounging but also gives a reason to take a job he normally wouldn't, for a bit of due revenge for stiffing him on payment.

Conor has a few things to fight through in this book, and they clash against each other at times. He has Death after him as Conor's been alive to long. Death is sending his Reapers after him, getting in the way as Conor tries to live on, earn money, and find his medicine. Death also gives Conor an ultimatum, to come with him or he'll take another in his place - a soul for a soul. Conor's one fear, to die, and he's running from it as best he can. Then Conor has to face the woman he has started to fall for and who stiffed him on payment, Jin. Conor is hired to steal the orb from her, again. Once he gets close, he learns more about Jin's reasons with how things ended on the last case, and where she stands now. He'll have many after him.

I like that we learn about necromancers a bit here. That they usually don't live more than a year or two, which makes Conor the longest living and practicing necromancer. Cool. This makes him valuable and wanted, by people to do jobs and death because he's escaped him for so long.

Oh Conor. His tools of his trade are dangerous. Especially the mask, it feels worse than the dice to me. When Conor uses the mask he makes a deal that is a bit hefty. Six souls. It wants six souls. Ouch. There is a protection yet a danger to the mask. I'm curious about it and wondering how it works.

We finally get to see Tarakona! Oh to see him! WOW! Cool. And what the orb really is... Oh my. I'm not telling you as you have to find out on your own. But he leaves Conor with a warning in the end. A warning that opens the world up to so much possibility.

I found I liked the world and story in this book better. I think I understand it better going into this book and got to see Conor running or fighting something at all times. There are a few turns with those after him that have different reactions than Conor, or I, expected.

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LilyElement said...

This one sounds full of things I'd enjoy. :D Love checking your reviews <3

Blodeuedd said...

I would listen to it :)

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Oh this sounds interesting and full of a couple of good twists. Looks like a good follow up book (audio)! :)

Talk Supe said...

A mask, an orb, an assassin. What's not to like?!

Anonymous said...

I love the sound of this one... Sounds a fascinating premise.