Thursday, April 28, 2016

Where Do You Post Reviews?

I am all about sharing the love. I try my best to post my reviews on as many books sites I'm able to get to. And I'm always looking for new sites and venues to share on. This leads me to my next question. 

Where do you post our reviews? Everyone buys books at different places, many are at Amazon but other venues as well.

I do know that when I'm looking at books on Amazon, I don't read the reviews there. I don't trust reviews at Amazon unless I recognize the names of the reviewers. I like a bit more detail to my reviews rather than one or two sentences that rave about a book or denounce a book. I want a bit more meat to why the book was liked or not. There are some great reviews on Amazon, and maybe it's starting to turn around but I usually look at reviews on Goodreads first. I also look on many other sites that are for book fans and not about selling the book.

I'm curious if I should be trying to post reviews on more sites than what I am already. I like helping the authors I enjoy reading and friends who like books similar to me to find more.

I know this can be a time consuming process. I do my best to post 2 - 3 reviews a week on the blog, then on Sunday morning I post those reviews to a list of sites. Copy and paste is my best friend when doing this. Now, when posting there are sites that books are not found on so there can't be a review there if no book found. But! If it's a book fan site, I can request the book to be added and I do so. If it's a book selling site, I can't request to add it and no review is posted there. Which many bloggers do the same thing.

Where do I post reviews? (I link my profile on these so if you'd like to follow/friend me, please do!)
Of course, my blog. Which I also post links on Twitter and my Facebook Page.
Barnes & Nobles
Powell Books
If I loved the book and think it's worth reading, I'll post a link on Pinterest.
If I'm reviewing Audiobooks, and received through Audible, I'll post on Audible.

I recently started (like in the last three weeks) posting on iBooks. I sign in with my iTunes account to do so, I believe you need to have an account to do so like many book venues. I also look to see if the book is in ebook or audio. If I review audio, I post to both places. If I'm reviewing an ebook or print, I'll only post to the ebook/ibook.

There are sites that you have to purchase the book from in order to post your review there. Smashwords and Audible are two sites I'm aware of.

I've learned that there is Kobo too, which I have not reviewed on. I think I had troubles getting in there years ago and left it go. I need to look into getting on their site again to post. I did start last week and of the two books I reviewed, only one was found on Kobo so I posted there!

What sites do you find helpful for finding books or learning about them? Is there other book sites I'm not aware of? I'll try to add them to my list.


  1. WOW. Only post on GR, BUT I do post review books on amazon too

  2. I generally do my blog, GoodReads, Amazon and B&N. I should look into a few more. I like the idea of doing a round up and posting them once a week to the sites though!!

    1. LilyElement, if you happen to join any other sites, let me know or friend me. :) I find the round up to be the easiest with all the posting, that way I know I get all to all the sites. :) Thank you!

  3. I post reviews on my blog and Goodreads. If I get a free book from Smashwords, I post there too. Used to post on Amazon but rarely do it now.

    1. Chuckles, Thank you! I post to Smashwords, if I get the book there. It's a bummer that you have to get it there in order to post there. Thank you!

  4. Lessee...
    For posting reviews:

    Locus magazine is where I commonly go to find new books. I also listen to the Coode Street podcast which is a pretty good source for what's ging on and what's coming out.

    1. The Editor, Oh these are interesting. I've not heard of those places before. I can't post there, but they seem like places to check out to find books. :) Thank you!

  5. Wow! You post in much more places than I do. Besides my blog, I post on Goodreads, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. If I got it through Netgalley, I obviously send feedback there as well. I haven't even heard of all of those! I'm with you on trusting Goodreads reviews over Amazon's.

    1. Jaclyn Canada, Oh, I forgot about netgalley. I am thinking I go overboard on the review posting thing. lol. Oh well. Thanks for sharing!

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