Thursday, April 14, 2016

Amazon Reviews Vanishing...

We've all heard the turmoil with Amazon and reviews. There is always something going on with Amazon and I'm starting to think it's all their way to keep at the front of our minds so we go there and end up buy, buy, buying.

I read a post that Amazon is deleting reviews for reviewers using Affiliate links. That by us "reviewing"** else where with a buy link, we are making money off our reviews. These links are their way to back track to us and then seeing the review, remove our reviews on Amazon.

I'm under the impression that posts that are NOT reviews ARE safe. That it's only reviews we post WITH the Affiliate link are the ones they are looking at. So we can post Affiliate links in other posts we create, just not on reviews.

Has any bloggers had this happen to them? I'm really curious if this is their method of madness. Have you heard this is happening? I'm curious as I'll have to change the way I do things.

((I did come across a reviewer that was affected by this, but I don't remember who it was to link to her post about it. However, Amazon has deleted all her reviews and her account is on hold, not allowing her to post any new ones because most of her reviews are high stars. Her defense is she's been reading for years and knows what she likes, and reads that.))

Just one more thing to worry about. I don't usually post negative reviews. I had a few in the past and I really don't want to ruin something I enjoy with upset authors pestering me. If I have a book I don't like, I don't post it anymore. I may note on Goodreads, but I don't post on Amazon or other book selling sights to prevent the crazy arguing of opinions.

As for Amazon following the Affiliate links back to reviews, I think it's bogus. Amazon should be grateful I'm sending people their way to purchase books, or anything at that. And I'm not "getting paid" for my review by the people who benefit by the review. The Author. Or narrator. If I make a penny it's because I've shared the word with a friend, who usually enjoys similar books as I, who might like the book too.

What am I going to do about it? *sigh* I don't know. I am tired of fighting against Amazon and corporate's like this. I'm not a fan of Amazon's to begin with. I only have an Affiliate program because it was suggested to me, as a blog, to try and make a few extra pennies to purchase more books.

Really, if I make a penny off any book I review, it's a damn miracle. No one uses my links to purchase a book. I know that because I check my Amazon Affiliate reports. I haven't earned a dime off them in over a year.

But in the end, it's to help other readers find books they might like too. I'm thinking I'll switch up my linkage so that my Purchasing links are not on my reviews. I'm thinking of creating a separate post at the end of the week with my Affiliate link in it with the cover of the books I reviewed that week. That way, my friends who have thought about the review and book can go purchase it over the weekend after pay day. ;)

This isn't the first algorithm I've heard of Amazon using to remove reviews. I also hear they check social media to see if you are chatting with authors and friends to remove reviews as you are a biased reader then. *sigh* Did I mention I'm not a fan of Amazon?

What have you heard of Amazon's antics? Any suggestions for us to by pass Amazon?

** I quote the term review because what we share about books are our thoughts and feelings. Everyone feels differently about a book.


  1. Amazon are assholes. And the whole we will delete your review cos you once tweeted with the author

    1. Blodeuedd, I've not been a fan of Amazon for years. But it seems to be *the place* for so many and to find about anything. But they seem to be making their own way in the world.

  2. I know who you're talking about, though I don't remember the name of the blogger lol. I'm wondering if linking affiliate links was even the reason why she was blocked to be honest. Amazon's reason to her was that she manipulated people reading her reviews on their site. I don't think anyone will know for sure what the rules are unless they dig in the ToS or email Amazon.

    1. I think that blogger was dropped from Amazon because she only posted 4 or 5 star reviews on Amazon.

      But that is interesting about manipulating people too. I might have missed that in reading her sight.

      I think Amazon is being vague on the rules so they can do as they wish. It's hard to find any lines that are drawn so we know what we are doing. *sigh*

  3. Amazon are sounding more like Big Brother every day. They have no right to track you on social media and then ban your book reviews if you have author friends! If they try that crap I'll just refuse to review ANY product I buy from them. Also I will recommend to my blog visitors that they buy on other sites and link to them instead.

    1. Chuckles, you are exactly right. It feels like Amazon has put themselves in a position with authors and readers and have created a Big Brother sense. They are making the way in the industry, as they want it to be.

      I've heard of some bloggers how currently don't review on Amazon. *sigh* It's crazy!

  4. Well Amazon has been on my sh~ list ever since they don't allow those from my state to become affiliates. I only post there when asked by an author but I do stick to Goodreads (which they own). I think a better feel for a book is at Goodreads anyway.

    1. Oooh, I remember that Melissa (B&T). I had forgot until you just mentioned it again.

      I've heard of a few bloggers who are not posting on Amazon unless it's requested.

      Truthfully, I don't look at reviews on Amazon. I go to Goodreads and see what's said there first.

  5. I don't post in Amazon at all. It always seemed like such a headache. I used to do B&N back in the day, but haven't since they took the discussion boards down. I do Goodreads and Pinterest, but that's it, other than on the blog.

    1. Ryan, it's crazy trying to keep track of all the book sites to post at, and time consuming! I think most people use Goodreads as a gauge for buying books though. At least I do.


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