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Audio Book Review: Remnants and Shadows

Remnants and Shadows

By:  Jacob Cooper

Publish Date:  June 9, 2015, Audiobook June 15, 2015

Format:  Audiobook - 1 hrs 40 mins
Narrated By:  Michael Kremer

Genre:  Fantasy

Series:  .75 novella in The Dying Lands Chronicles series; 1st Book ~ Altar of Influence: The Orsarian War

Impression:  Deeper outcomes of an important moment.

This short story takes place during the timeline of Altar of Influence: The Orsarian War. The reader is highly encouraged to read the afore mentioned title first.

Thannuel and Moira have been promised to each other since birth. Just as they are growing, both as individuals and together, the Marishee probe deep into Arlethia and strike at House Kerr, attempting to abduct Thannuel and assassinate Moira. While the attempt barely fails, it leaves them questioning their relationship and deeply contemplating their future together.

Amnoch, master of the hold guard for House Kerr and member of the furtive Gyldenal Order, sets out on a quest to discover more about the Marishee, disciples of the enigmatic Thoulden-sha, the Oracle of Mari-shaden. As The Resurgence continues to gain traction among the people of Senthara, Amnoch’s mission unwittingly becomes a fulcrum between the Living Light and The Ancient Dark. Remnants of things long forgotten since The Turning Away lie hidden and await him, shadows of an unknown threat too great to ignore.

First Sentence:
The air burned in Moira's lungs as she ran hand-in-hand with Kalisa.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*This audiobook was provided by the author at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review, at my request.

The night that started as a lovely date and ended in a battle for Thannuel and Artious also was an important night to Moira. She realized she loves Thannuel and she wants to marry him. But does he feel the same for her? She thinks so, from the look of fear for her when they were attacked and how he put himself in harms way so she could get away. Amnoch also goes on his own mission, seeing new sides of the world.

Michael's voice gives me shivers, the good shivers, when I listen to him. Michael enhanced the touching moments between Thannuel and Moira. Such a lovely moment. *sigh* His voice was full of emotion. Then when he was in the moment of dispair or trouble, his voice deepens in emotion and sound to go with the words and set of the moment. I liked the echo he added to the Desert Wraths as well, but I wished he'd followed through all the moments the Desert Wraths spoke with the echo. Nice touch to catch the listeners attention.

When I first started this short story I wasn't sure where in the time of the first book, Altar of Influence: The Orsarian War, this would be placed. It only took a few moments for it to click into place. This is after the attack in the alley where Thannuel learns of an ability he's able to do when fighting.

This world has a long history with the Living Light, The Ancient Dark, The Ancients, and Those Forgotten. I'm slowly learning pieces and the history, but I want more. This short story does start to draw new pieces to the fold. We get glimpses of the economy of the area along with widening the world and history with clans and The Ancients. We also get to see a new creature of the land. It's interesting the way they are connected and in so bring some light to the world along with more curiosity for what was and what will come.

This short story has an emotional feel to it. All good, bringing us closer to the characters and fills in a few tiny holes we are curious about with the characters. Amnoch makes me smile when he talks of the two boys, Thannuel and Artious. We see touching moments for both couples mixed with humor as well. I loved the balance of the love and fun between all four; Thannuel, Moira, Artious, and Kalisa. We get to see how Thannuel feels of his mind splitting when he talks to Artious about it. He also talks of how he's coping with what he's learned, which is still a struggle.

I'm becoming more and more curious of the world and history here, along with what is to come of Thannuel and Artious. Those two men are special, and I'm wanting to see where life goes for them. But I'm curious of this fantasy world and want to learn what I can. I look forward to continuing with the series.


  1. Sounds like an interesting one! Hadn't heard of this book before :)

    1. Lily Element, It goes with the Altar of Influence but I really loved seeing the inside scoop of the scene and how things came together. :)

  2. And I am still blergh about my audibook. This one sounds better

    1. Blodeuedd, sorry to hear that about your audiobook. Hope you found a better one.

  3. I love it when an author brings so much to a short piece of work. Brilly!


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