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Audio Book Review: Insight Kindling

Insight Kindling

By:  Chess Desalls

Publish Date:  January 22, 2015, Audiobook July 15, 2015

Format:  Audiobook - 7 hrs 35 mins
Narrated By:  Jill Maglione

Genre:  YA Paranormal

Series:  2nd in The Call to Search Everywhen series; 1st Book ~ Travel Glasses

Impression:  The time and space travel world expands as a team is formed and go on a mission to find Calla's lost father. And first love starts to bloom.

Calla faces charges against her for changing the past. Her use of the Travel Glasses resulted in the creation of two writings that affected the lives of Edgar, the inventor of the Travel Glasses, and Valcas, their prior owner. Now Calla must explain her actions before the Time and Space Travel Agency.

The hearing does not end well. The travel commissioner finds Calla guilty as charged and forces her to choose between two harsh penalties. Despite the risk of becoming lost herself, Calla accepts a dangerous travel mission that may help her find her father. She teams up with a group of talented travelers. While working with them, she soon discovers that she has a special travel talent of her own.

Pursued by the sentient being of white light that’s been tracking her father’s bloodline, Calla fears her newfound talents may not be enough to protect her and her teammates before they complete their mission.

Insight Kindling is the second installment in The Call to Search Everywhen serial series.

First Sentence:
Valcas and I landed as swiftly as we'd flown away from the White Tower, where we'd left his past behind.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
*This audiobook was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review courtesy of AudiobookBlast dot com, at my request.

Through Calla's travels of time and space she's broken TSTA rules and now must stand trial for the daily reminders that were created, by her and in her name. As long as she stays out of jail, Valcas knows of a volunteer mission she can join. Valcas had bigger plans in mind since the first time he meet Calla. He wants to find his best friend, and Calla's dad. To do that, he needs her help. She has a close bond to her father, by blood. All she'd been through was a test to see if she could travel.  Calla's going to be spending a lot of time with Valcas and this is not the same Valcas she grew fond of. Or is he still there?

I slipped right into the story with Jill voicing the characters. It felt she reads the story with more emotion in Calla from the first word. She speaks with personality for all the characters along with voice differences such as scratchy or deeper. I really enjoyed the differentiation between them all, making it easy to tell who was talking. She even carried through with similar voices from the first book voiced by a different narrator. Well done. I think I enjoy Jill's narration much more than the narrator of the first book.

We've picked up a few new characters here! We meet Calla's mom and she doesn't want Calla and Valcas going on this mission alone. She works a few things around and gets two others that are in court the same day and set to go on missions to find Lost people. We add Ivory and Ray to our team. I really enjoy their abilities and the way they interact with Calla. There is another, but you can meet that person when you get there. ;)

It's very neat to see the traveling world in this book. We get lots of details of different things with traveling. It did NOT feel like an info dump either. *Bonus* It is the story and it all comes out to help us understand the way of time and space travels. So much to the way of doing things and rules along with people having special abilities to do unique things in traveling. We also find out, at the very beginning, what is after Calla! I'm so glad this book jumped in with details and answers. Thank you, Chess!

With all the great things we learn of the world, we get to see Calla fall in love. Calla doesn't realize it until she's gone and fallen. But she does. This is Calla and Valcas's story of falling in love all over again while they are looking for her father, and stuck in the Fire Falls.

This story is a YA Paranormal read and is a clean story for young readers to enjoy. There is no swearing and barely a kiss is present. I would suggest this story for many young readers. The story is a simple one, a mission to find Plaka while Calla and Valcas seem to be skating around each other while feelings grow. It held my attention as it feels character based here and the characters feel developed in the story and voice.

I went from not trusting Valcas to liking him in the first book. This book I fell in love with Valcas with Calla. And now I'm very upset with him. But that's the way things go in books. lol. This means the author wrote it right. I should have seen it coming though. However, I fell for the trap and was irritated with the character in the end.

Now I need the next book, due out later 2015, to see where and when the characters are and how they are coping.


  1. Replies
    1. Blodeuedd, at the way life is going lately, I'm able to get more books in with audio than reading. But there is always the print that you could pick up. :)

  2. it must be interesting to discover the whole world. It sounds like an interesting story. Plus I love the cover!

    1. It really was neat, Melliane. We got to see more in this book and I really liked it. :)

  3. Sometimes I hate too much traveling in a book. The cover is awesome.

    1. Jennifer Bielman, it's not too out of control. We get a few places, but they are the same places. It was kinda neat. :)


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