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Audiobook Review: 7th Son: 7 Days

7th Son: 7 Days

By:  J.C. Hutchins

Publish Date:  December 2012

Format:  Podiobook

Genre:  Science Fiction

Series:  Prequel Anthology to 7th Son trilogy; 1st Book ~ Descent, 2nd Book ~ Deceit, 3rd Book ~ Destruction

First Glance Feel:  A day in the lives of all the beta clones before they came together.

7th Son: 7 Days is a free audio prequel anthology to J.C.’s thriller novel, 7th Son: Descent. Set two weeks before Descent’s extraordinary events, the series reveals the lives of seven seemingly unrelated men, and their everyday challenges.

In the world of 7th Son, “everyday” challenges are far from ordinary. Each of these seven stories stars a unique John Michael Smith. Witness criminal profiler Dr. Mike’s quest to hunt an unstoppable serial killer. Watch blue-collar musician John realize a lifelong dream. Ride shotgun with USMC captain Michael on a dangerous black ops mission in the Middle East. Behold the worldwide influence of deranged computer hacker Kilroy2.0 … and more.

7th Son: 7 Days represents the creative reboot of the popular 7th Son thriller series. Designed to tightly integrate with 7th Son: Descent’s print novel storyline, 7 Days is a perfect introduction to the 7th Son universe. Meet the Beta clones … before they knew they were clones.

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My Thoughts and Summary:
I had read somewhere to listen/read this anthology AFTER the trilogy.

Each episode has comments made about the beta clone in it that are off yet right on point about them. None have a clue that they are more than the average man they believe they are and the comments have an ironic ring to them. J.C. is crafty in how each beta clone crosses paths with each other. They aren't like they meet on the street at different times but that their events are public and known to the others. These men are amazing in their special fields and these shorts show that, along with readying them for what's to come...

To get the full effect of each short episode and the double meaning in the words, I would highly suggest reading/listening to the trilogy first.

Monday: Jack
Jack has one place when the world is falling apart that he goes. Today he takes his daughters with him to the park. He wants to get them away from the news of the presidents terrible death at the hands of a child.

We see Jack in one day of his life, trying to put things together and find his peace when the world shines it's light on terrible events. But Jack's had a rough month and this month was to be better. Then the person Jack has a restraining order against, the man who's dead set against what Jack does at the University, shows up. Kalajian.

Jack's emotions are at a high and round the circle of different feelings. But the person Jack is and his personality holds true from the beginning and through the end. It's the feel for Jack that we get the whole way through the trilogy as well. He might weaver, but he's solid in his priorities.

There is a connection to the beginning of the trilogy here. I think there is even a drop to Father Thomas, though he'd not seen Father Thomas but heard of something great he did.

The other strange thing to this episode, I know it's planned but I liked it, is that Kalajian makes comments to Jack in reference to what he does as a profession, neither have a clue as to how those comments are closer to the vest than expected. These thoughts could refer to what is yet to be learned about Jack. For that reason, I like that I listened to this AFTER listening to the trilogy.

Tuesday: John
Today is a big day for John. A day he takes a small step to hopefully a bigger end.

John is the free spirit of the group. He isn't tied to one place or job, well until now as he found the girl of his dreams. He's a musician and taking a big step that will hopefully led his music career into something more.

This is a calm tell of a day in John's life. Nothing out of the ordinary happens. He enjoys his bike run and what he's doing. He seems to love life and his girlfriend, Sarah. All seems as it's going well for him.

Sarah's words about John ring as a reminder to what is to come and what I already know about with the trilogy. The words are true for John, yet there is an irony there that they aren't. I love this double thinking while listening.

We also get to hear a few songs by John Smith. If you'd like to hear them, you can find them on J.C. Hutchins web page for the album John Smith Anyman.

Wednesday: Kilroy2.0
Kilroy2.0 has done his research. The man that was hired to find him and stop Kilroy and his flock from their Internet searches and talks is now going to get a lesson. A lesson and warning to back away from Kilroy2.0.

Oh this is a great episode. I've always been suspicious and interested in Kilroy since the trilogy. Here, we get to see him talking to the walls. We hear what the walls have to tell him. And the best part, the walls almost tell the future. What they say to him fits with what happens to Kilroy in the trilogy. The mention of messiah, Messiah's killed then resurrected. Oh does it fit.

But this is cool to see Kilroy2.0 work his computer magic. He taps in and really gives the man a lesson in computer hacking. This is so neat. Oh the power of the Internet.

Thursday: Dr. Mike
A day in the life of a criminal profiler. Dr. Mike is on the job with a twisted serial killer out in the city.

The hoops the killer creates for the police and Dr. Mike to figure out and find him are terrible. The killer uses parts of the person they killed to give clues. This definitely would take a strong stomach to look so closely at these.

This is like a quick murder case for us to figure out, as Dr. Mike figures it out today after three weeks of searching. We do get left with the feel of who's the guilty party. I liked this feel as it's like a short mystery story.

This case is just a small indication at the 'games' of warp minded criminals that Dr. Mike can figure out. A preparation for what's to come in the trilogy.

I did get a kick out of what Kilroy2.0 did yesterday affects today's computer usage. lol. These characters don't know how they are crossing paths, when they do.

Friday: Michael
The Marines were called in to Iraq where a city is burning. Rookman Oil refinery employees are held hostage. Michael goes in with his crew to stop the men.

Michael is the action hero we like to watch or listen. Lots happening, guns, fighting, vehicle race, things that go boom, and more. This short reminded me of one scene in the trilogy, but it was with a different beta clone then.

We hear who was guilty in Dr. Mike's case from yesterday. Crafty connection here. I didn't see that coming and was great to see the answer (I really wanted to hear it). This story also mentions Rookman Oil here in Iraq and the hits they have taken. Also, there's mention of the body wear Michael tested, Viper wear. These last two things are handy notes to know in the trilogy.

Saturday: Jay
Jay's helicopter is shot down. He's on a mission from United Nations in Columbia to investigate the living conditions of the people of the land. But who would take down the helicopter?

Jay is, well, Jay. His reaction to the sudden death around him. The visions... Jay is sick at the sight.

This was interesting to see Jay on the job. I don't know why, but when listening to the trilogy I didn't realize Jay traveled so heavily. To be in far away lands and in the middle of troubles.

There is a danger in the lands with gorilla warefare use. And there is mention of the local group that could be the ones to take down the helicopter. They have access to weapons, given weapons. I'm curious what they want with the helicopter, or what is in it that they want.

Sunday: Father Thomas
Father Thomas gives a sermon on the need of faith, and epic faith, at this time with all the terrible, scary events that have happened.

Father Thomas is the perfect fit for ending this anthology. His sermon ties in all the events of the previous beta clones. All the tragic events they are fighting through. Thomas connects the last 6 days together and draws a close to the week. That people can easily forgo faith when things are as crazy and terrifying as they are now. He wants his congrigation to hold on to faith as there are still good people and deeds being done in the world.

We also see Father Thomas's strong faith he holds. This show of his believe and faith gives us a background and explains why Thomas was so rocked in the trilogy. We get a view into his karate black belt and how he came back to his path with God.


LilyElement said...

Glad you read that you should wait to read the anthology after the books. I've read one before and it gave spoilers to a book later in the series that I hadn't read yet lol

Melissa (Books and Things) said...

Interesting anthology. Hm... I can see why you might want to read the trilogy before. Establishes things first.

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

LilyElement, I've had a few of those anthologies too. This one, it's just that you'll pick up more in the stories that have meaning if you wait till after the series. :)

Melissa (My words and pages) said...

Melissa (B&T) Yep. It's really neat seeing that afterward.