Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Cover Reveal & Release: Legends of the Destrati Volume 1

I'm so excited to share this one with you!

This is the first volume of a three volume set. This book is two stories set in the vampire world of the Destrati Clan. I really love the characters in these stories and hope you check them out too!

Legends of the Destrati Volume 1
By:  Dina James
Due Out:  OUT NOW!

Book Description:

Among Ethereals, Clan Destrati’s reputation and exploits are as renowned as the associates it boasts. 

Within these pages are but a few of their legends.

Play Dead - Nikolai is on a mission bring a certain renegade vampire to justice before his clan council. Known as The Betrayer, Kyle is a powerful force to be reckoned with by any standard, both feared and shunned by every single vampire clan in existence. Why he would choose to assist one of their members — the very member sent to bring Kyle to justice — is his own affair. The better question is why anyone, let alone a Destrati, would accept the Betrayer’s help.

In From The Cold - Kyle abhors the word “vampire.” He prefers the more accurate term “lost soul,” for that is how true vampires are made — through a damning bargain with the Devil. Kyle is unique among what could loosely be called his kind, for he not only wants the return of what he feels was stolen from him, he wants retribution. On a cold night, a conversation with the Destrati Queen helps ease his desire for vengeance.


This is one of those settings on books that I just love. And it does fit well with the characters. I hope you check out the volume and enjoy what you find. Then you can join me in asking Dina for more stories in this world. :)


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