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Top 5, *head desk* Top 6 Fantasy Reads

So I'm struggling severely this year. It's such trouble when you enjoy what you are reading. ;) Should we all have this trouble. lol

Top 5, er, 6 Fantasy Reads

My guest blogger today is Blodeuedd from Book Girl of Mur-y-Castell. Thank you Blodeuedd for joining me in celebrating another year of blogging!

Best of 2013-2014

Mel gave me a very cruel timeline which mean AWESOME books of July 2014 did not make it to this list. Instead we have July -13 to June -14. But I will try my best and cry a bit over those who do not make it. My babies!

1. Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson
Of course it' number 1! Hello! I read everything by him, everything! Yes I might be a fan-girl.
I was thrilled that I was sick the day I got it because I started it at once and did not put down this 1000 page book before my eyes were almost bleeding. Honestly I did have an eye infection while reading it but nothing comes between me and Sanderson. NOTHING!

2. Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan
I was not sure about this book. I had read another gunpowder fantasy before, and I had really enjoyed that one. But I was still unsure, you know, new, the unknown. Of course one should not doubt because it blew me away. McClellan fast went into the list in my head of must-read authors. Fresh, original and just awesome.

3. The Garden of Stones by Mark.T.Barnes
This book is on the list because it was magnificent. The world, history, magic, everything! I just wanted to bade in it's light. It was a book with wonderful world-building, and I am woman who love great world-building. I want to feel that I am there. The book was hard to get into, I will give it that, but when you are in, you do not want to leave. It was poetry.

4. Drakenfeldt by Mark Charan Newton
This was like a cop mystery, in away, in a fantasy land. It mostly took place within a city and it was interesting. I am not a mystery fan, but hey in fantasy everything goes. I never saw anything coming. I want more.

5. The Innocent Mage by Karen Miller
I can be VERY old school and Miller sure feels old school. Young boy the savior of all, finding his power, fighting baddies. I love it, it makes me feel safe. And the best thing is that the pages just fly on by and suddenly I have read it all. It's a read it in a day kind of book.

Mel did say it was a 5 point list, even if she threw in a 6 ;) Which I could do, but then next great books on my best of list are 3 more Miller books. Haha, so I will just leave it like this and say that hopefully next year I will have read even More Miller books, and they will also make it into the list.

My words and pages Top 6 Fantasy
lol. Blodeuedd, I know! It's hard to narrow the list. And I love throwing that curve ball of a date range at everyone. LOL! *sigh* I just can't do it! I can't narrow it down! So the list is of 6 instead of 5.

Once again, I can't put my favorites in any order. I love them all for different reasons. So they are listed in NO particular order...

Murder at Avedon Hill by P.G. Holyfield
Oh my goodness! This had everything in it! A fantasy world with moon wolves (reminded me of werewolves), vampires, and Gods. Gods that can be reborn into the world and affect what happens. And the magic! I just loved every aspect of the world, and that's without even talking about the story. The story was amazing. The mystery was outstanding. You all need to get this one.

The Rose and the Thorn by Michael J. Sullivan
I bet you all thought I forgot about this master of fantasy writing. Well, I haven't. Michael is on talented mind. If you've read the original books in The Riyria Revelations, then read this. It will blow your mind how well he weaved this and all the pieces relate so closely to the series. O.O I loved this book as it gave me a past that I didn't know I wanted and to see how close everyone was at one point, before it all happened. Outstanding Michael!

Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan
Yes. Gun powder, guns, and magic all blended together. I love the magic powers created with the gun powder and more. And the fact that this story starts at the fall of the king. Dang! I love how we dive right in and there is so much more at work here than we, and the characters, even know.

Requiem by Ken Scholes
Ken has many elements blended together to create this fantasy. The mechanical man and the death song. The worshiping of different beliefs and the worlds. I can't even describe it all to you as you have to start at the first book and read it all for yourself. I savored each word Ken wrote.

Hapax by K.T. Bryski
Oh this was another that took me by surprise. I was blown away with the world created here. The two words of religion and magic are separated, and then collide. There are magically created beings and gods. A full fantasy world that is well crafted on all angles.

The Coffee Legacy by Katharina Bordet
Mmmm. This isn't the hard fantasy as many think fantasy is. It's a creation of a tale of where coffee comes from and the people who cherish it. It's a tale of a family and their struggle to survive when others are out for power. There is so much to this tale and I enjoyed every minute of this magical story.

I have three fantasy giveaways this year.
Please follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter.
I'm mailing these through Postal, so if mail runs to you, you can enter.

(signed drawstring bag, signed bookmark, and sighed The Way of Kings)


  1. *wants to enter for a second copy of Way of kings*
    *slaps hand*
    Bad Blodeuedd!

    But I do not have that version! ;)

  2. Favorite fantasy this year was Words of Radiance. Won that in a giveaway, so here's hoping I can win the first book, too.

  3. Oh some great fantasy suggestions from both of you. B... you could have done a honorable mention like I did! ;) Mel, glad you didn't make yourself stick to 5! :D

  4. Definitely Words of Radiance, with The Emperor's Blades by Brian Staveley coming in second.

  5. I have to name the series A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE by George RR Martin.

  6. Oh a great list! You know that I don't read a lot of fantasy but I loved the word of radiance and I'm curious to read book 1.

  7. I'm currently reading Midnight Thief by Livia Blackburne and I love It!

  8. I loved World of Radiance this year. I'd love to read the Michael J. Sullivan books

  9. Words of Radiance is definitely my favourite this year!

  10. It's a tossup between Promise of Blood and Breach Zone by Myke Cole

  11. The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison.

  12. Thanks for these recommendations!

    1. Sure thing C.T. this is an oooold list, but still holds true. :)


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