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Top 5, er, 6 Romance Reads

I have done Top 5 lists for my blog birthday since the first one and I enjoy doing it. So, I'm carrying on with tradition. I've invited a fellow blogger to share their top reads of the last year as well.

The time frame I'm using for the top list is July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2014 - my blogging year.

Top 5, er, 7 Romance Reads

My guest blogger today is Jennifer Bielman from Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy. Thank you Jennifer for joining me in celebrating another year of blogging!

Thank you so much, Melissa, for asking me to come up with this list. I am a huge romance fan, in any genre and age group, so I am excited to share my top 5 romances with your followers. They are all contemporary romances in both young adult and new adult. I wanted to make the list a little more versatile, like add a paranormal romance in there, but I couldn't help which books stood out to me most. And really, that's the way it should be. So without further ado, here is my Top 5 Romances.

#5:  Crash Into You by Katie McGarry

Crash Into You has that amazing romance with a dark storyline. I can't tell you how much this book stressed me out, but the romance made it worth it. Are you looking for a opposites attract romance? Then Rachel and Isaiah are the ideal couple for you. She brings light to his darkness, and he brings the forbidden to her sheltered life. Perfection.

#4:  Four Seconds to Lose by K.A. Tucker

What does Four Seconds to Lose bring to the romance table? Strippers! Romance at a strip club, is there anything better? This book is filled with amazingly strong characters, but it is the hot chemistry between Charlie and Cain that make this a must read. These two flirt outrageously throughout the whole book, and I loved every second of it.

#3:  On the Fence by Kasie West

On the Fence was a big surprise for me. To be honest, the romance is super slow. This book focuses more on character growth, which I loved, but the romance was nothing to sneeze at either. Charlie (What's up with all these girls names Charlie? lol) and Braden take their sweet damn time getting together, but you will definitely fall in love with them as they fall in love with each other.

#2:  Take Me On by Katie McGarry

Yup, another Katie McGarry novel. Take Me On is another dark story with a heartfelt romance. The feels in this book are hardcore. I felt teary-eyed the whole time. The pain Hayley and West go through was almost too much but that's what made the romance so strong. They had great chemistry and a great bond that held the whole novel.

#1:  Five Ways to Fall by K.A. Tucker

Obviously K.A. Tucker is the bomb in romance since I mentioned her twice. Out of all her books, I am freaking obsessed with Five Ways to Fall the most. This is a different kind of romance. This is not about true love or marriage. This is about two people having fun sex together and having their feelings slowly grow. It's hard not to fall in love with these flawed characters. Ben and Reese are offensive, they often don't make the right decisions, but they are beautiful in every other way. If you want a different kind of romance book, this is the one for you. And once you read it, you will NEVER think of orange groves the same way again! :D

MY Top Picks:
I can't put mine in order. I can't pick what is better over the other, I have a hard time doing that, so I'm going to list all five of my favorite of the last year...

Evolution Series by S.A. Huchton
So this is cheating, but hey it's my party and I'll cheat if I want. ;P This trilogy has taken me by a whirl wind. I loved the sexy superheroes. Really, we need more sexy superheroes in the world.

A Cursed Embrace by Cecy Robson
Oh yes. A love in a Wird world. I love the sister bond, the magic the sister possess, the men, and all the action. All in one package in the UF setting.

Along Came A Spider by Kate SeRine
Oh I love reading this world. The recreation of the fairy tale world in our world. And the characters come to their love in their time.

Gaming for Keeps by Seleste DeLaney
Mmm. This is a quick read but oh so sexy and fun! Going to a convention and meeting a man she's been gaming with? Yes. Fun.

Progeny by S.A. Huchton (and the previous two too!)
So Starla shows up again on the list but for a different series. This is the third book of a series of four (still waiting on number four to come out). This series is a touch of a science fiction, but TOTALLY romance. All will enjoy this one too!

Seriously, if you enjoy romance there is a lot to pick from. I'm so glad Jennifer picked the ones that stuck out for her in the last year no matter what. That is the way it should be. :) So, my suggestion, don't let the sub-genre stop you from picking up a great romance book. They are all amazing!

Time for a GIVEAWAY!
I will giveaway ONE of the books in MY top five list in eBook format. You can tell me which format you prefer (Amazon or Barnes & Nobles) and I will gift it to you there.

You pick from Starla Huchton, Cecy Robson, Kate SeRine, or Seleste DeLaney. DO NOTE: There are a few books that are ONLY in ebook format so the book that is won will be in eBook format.

This is Romance, so you MUST be at least 18 to enter.

Follow the instructions in the Rafflecopter:


  1. Thank you! I'm truly honored!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Jennifer Bielman, It was great to have you by. Thank you for joining us. :)

  3. I have read one of those :/ Only one

    1. Blodeuedd, we don't do Romance much, although I seem to be drawn to it more in the last year. I need more fantasy in my diet though. ;)

  4. arf i so want the kate serine books but for ebook it would be difficult for me so i have to pass but one day, one day i will get and read them

    1. Sorry Miki. It's easier to get ebooks out to winners. But I do hope you get to try Kate's books one day. :)

  5. oh that's nice I only know about Kate Serine and Cecy Robson. 2 great choices!

    1. Melliane, thank you! I hope you get to give the rest a try one day too. :)

  6. Oh love this list! Both lists! You have me so wanting the Kate books especially.

  7. I enjoyed reading "Dorothy Must Die" by Danielle Paige.

  8. I adore Cecy Robson's writing! Love that series and it's a great choice!


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